Letting your natural hair loose looks simple and effortless, especially if you’ve got a trendy haircut. But during winter, the dry air can rob moisture from your hair and make your tresses look dry and weak. Thus, it’s best to avoid leaving your hair down. Now, most women would opt for a ponytail or top knot to go with their sweaters and hoodies, but if you wish to stand out from the crowd, half braid hairstyles are the way to go. This way, you can braid a section of your hair and leave the rest open. Here are five trendy half braid hairstyles you can try in winter 2020.


1. Classic half braid

Classic half braid

Image courtesy: @mariana_lohin

You can never go wrong with a classic half braid; it is simple and can be done on any hair length. Grab the top section of your hair and create a three-strand braid, secure the braid at the end with a hair tie. Team it with any outfit and look your stylish best each time.


2. Trendy side braid

Trendy side braid

Image courtesy: @keishafit

If you part your hair on the side, here’s a variation of a half braid hairstyle that you’re going to love. Part your hair on the preferable side, then take a small section of hair and braid it all the way to the end, secure with a small elastic. Add a few accessories to the braid to make it look more trendy.


3. Bold half braid

Bold half braid

Image courtesy: @mrspress

Another version of the trendy side braid — this one is quite experimental. Instead of braiding a small section of hair, this one involves parting your hair at the centre and braiding half while keeping the other half loose. If you are bold enough to try this, go ahead!


4. Four strand half braid

Four strand half braid

Image courtesy: @stabojanapravi

If the classic three-strand braid seems boring and done to death, here’s something new and exciting — a four-strand braid! It requires a little bit of practice, so if you haven’t tried a four-strand braid before, learn it here.


5. Half up pull-through braid

Half up pull-through braid

Image courtesy: @stabojanapravi

Always wanted thicker and fuller looking hair? Here’s your chance to fake it! This pull-through braid is not only trendy and easy to create but also gives the illusion of voluminous hair. Tie a tight ponytail using the top half section of your hair, then pull hair through it. Put another elastic a few inches below and pull the ponytail through that too. Continue till you reach the end of the ponytail. Tug on the strands to make it look fuller.

Main image courtesy: @mariana_lohin & @stabojanapravi