Give Your Natural Hair A Little 'Twist' With These Hairstyles

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
Give your natural hair a little 'twist' with these hairstyles

When it comes to natural hairstyles that we can do at home, we've tried just about everything. From box braids to fishtails, we've left no stone unturned to find the perfect hairstyle that matches our vibe. Enter: twists. A hairstyle where you take two locks of hair and wrap them around each other.Twists are quick to complete, and are a fantastic option for protecting natural hair while retaining moisture. Also, they're a great alternative to braids!

While braids have had their moment, some of us (read: all of us) are a little bored of the hairdo — and twists are a great way to breathe some new life into our hair. The best part about twists, though, is the vast variety of styles you can choose from. So regardless of whether you're a Marley twist-girl, or your heart beats for some good ol' flat twists, we're giving you the best twist hairstyles to make the versatile style your own.


01. Bejewelled Marley twists

05. Bubble ponytail twists

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You know we had to start with something a little sparkly! Opt for classic Marley twists by intertwining your natural hair strands, and bring the drama with some hair accessories. The only rule? When it comes to being extra, the sky's the limit.


02. Undercut twists

05. Bubble ponytail twists

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Undercuts have been having their moment, and we're here for it. Give classic twists an edgy spin by first creating regular two-strand twists, and then adding additional extensions to create a bold lewk.


03. Sleek ponytail twists

05. Bubble ponytail twists

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If you don't have the time to meticulously twist every strand of your hair (especially if you've got volume for days), we hear you! Upgrade your Insta-baddie braided ponytail into a sleek ponytail twist. All you'll need to do is tie your hair into a ponytail, section it off into two parts, and twist away. It's really that simple!


04. Micro twists

05. Bubble ponytail twists

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Always been fascinated by cornrows? Start here! Micro twists may be time-consuming, but the payoff is super worth it — and we haven't even begun talking about the beautiful beach waves you'll get once you open your hair.


05. Bubble ponytail twists

05. Bubble ponytail twists

Image courtesy: @essence


Bubble ponytails are a relatively new trend, and while the world still gets accustomed to it, we suggest you take it a step further. Give your twists the bubble ponytail treatment, and step up your hairdo game already by combining the two gorgeous trends. Thank us later!

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