We’ve always thought beauty is time-consuming. Is it though? The newest trend disagrees. Beauty snacking brings bite-sized beauty and relaxation together. It unites self-care and the idea of snack breaks to coin the term. In simpler terms, it’s taking snack breaks for and with beauty. Social media users have already crowned it one of the best ways to break the monotony while working from home. If you’re wondering what the fuss is all about, here are six ways you can try it out today.


01. Sheet masks

Sheet masks

Caught in a zoom meeting with nothing to say? Relax while you work with a soothing sheet mask. Pick out your favourite sheet mask and pamper your skin. Sheet masks can be great stress-busters. What’s great about a sheet mask is that once you’re done using it on your face, you can fold it in half and place it on your neck. Now you got two beauty snacks in one!

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02. Hand cream

Hand cream

Whether you’re working from home or office, hand creams are an absolute must. Especially now when we have to regularly wash our hands or use hand sanitisers. Keep a little tube of hand cream on our workstation at all times to moisturise your hands when you feel like it. For extra nourishment, add an excess amount on your cuticles and knuckles while you work, and just spread it all over your palm after a while. Since your knuckles and cuticles dry out the fastest, this little trick will help them stay soft for longer.

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03. Scented candles and fragrance diffusers

Scented candles and fragrance diffusers

Nothing beats aromatherapy. Get yourself a few scented candles in comforting fragrances to ease your mind while you work. Fragrance diffusers also do the trick. If you’re unsure of which scent to pick, lavender does wonder. Simply light your candle or diffuser at a distance while you work and enjoy the at-home spa vibe. Sandalwood is another marvellous pick to soothe your mind.


04. Facial mists

Facial mists

Facial mists require no effort whatsoever, yet, they’re extremely refreshing. If you’re feeling exhausted or sleepy looking at the screen, just spray a little facial mist on your face. This will instantly make you feel more awake and energetic. You can also use rose water in a spray bottle as a natural option.

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05. Eye masks

Eye masks

Focusing on the screen for hours on end can take a toll on your eyes. Your eyes tend to get irritated after a while. Try using under-eye masks to get rid of the agitation. These are just like sheet masks, but for the under-eye area. Most of these serum-soaked under eye masks have a cooling sensation, hence, these can help you feel better in just minutes. Another option can be the eye masks with gel pads. Take five minutes off, sit back in your set and let your eyes rest with the eye mask on.


06. Face masks

Face masks

Similar to sheet masks, a face mask that works for your skin can be a great addition to your beauty snacking routine. Apply it all over your face and neck and get to work. Wash it off after about 15-20 minutes. This skincare hack not only helps your skin rejuvenate but also gives you two mini-breaks - for application and for rinsing. This could be great for people working from home as we often sit in one spot without taking breaks.

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