Been 'Bang'ry All Your Life? The Waft Fringe Is Here To Save The Day

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
Been 'bang'ry all your life? The waft fringe is here to save the day

For someone who has been 'bang'ry all her life, I am constantly on the lookout for other face framing haircuts that will help switch up my look a little. But even the slightest mention of a fringe gets me running for the hills. Most of the fear stems from the fact that I have wavy, unruly hair and I am extremely lazy when it comes to caring for it. Plus, I have a round face, so traditional bangs end up looking like a faux helmet on me — and that’s no good. The fact that trendy bangs and fringes are present everywhere to tempt me has not helped my case… until now. Enter: waft fringe.

The waft fringe is an upgrade on the traditional blunt cut fringe and is the most flattering haircut for girls like me who’ve always wanted to sport some form of bangs. Bordering on the curtain bangs style, but longer, this new hairstyle will work in your favour because of the versatility it presents in terms of styling.

Been 'bang'ry all your life? The waft fringe is here to save the day

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The 70s inspired cut is distinctive because the fringes are parted in the centre and flicked, or wafted’ to either side to frame your face. The cut will suit most face shapes as you are not limited by the length and can style the fringe in any way to best complement your face shape. For instance, you can leave the fringe a little bit feathered and long at the ends to add length to a round face. Or, if you have a long chin, flicking the fringe outwards will add some symmetry to your face.

Been 'bang'ry all your life? The waft fringe is here to save the day

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So don’t forget to take a picture reference for your hairstylist to explain exactly what you want. And once you get the cut, the best way to style the fringe would go to grab some curling tongs and waft them the way you like. On days when you don’t feel like styling them, fortunately, you can just blend them with your tresses or clip them back, like there never was a fringe, to begin with!

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