Here’s Why ‘Y2K’ Is The Coolest Hair And Makeup Trend Of 2021

Written by Sumona BoseNov 30, 2023
Here’s why ‘Y2K’ is the coolest hair and makeup trend of 2021

If your Instagram feed has been flooded with glossy ombre lips, frosted eyeshadows, space buns, claw clips and spiky hair, you are not alone. The Y2K fashion and beauty trends have taken over 2021, and we, too, have been tracking its insurgence for a while. What first started as just a nod to the late 1990s and early 2000s hair and makeup trends have evolved into a full-blown aesthetic for anybody who wants to add a touch of nostalgia to their look.

Here’s why ‘Y2K’ is the coolest hair and makeup trend of 2021

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So, what exactly does the Y2K vibe look like? It is quite frankly a total opposite of the minimal beauty trends that became popular in 2020. The pandemic forced fashionistas to swap the heat styling tools and uber-glam looks for sheer complexions and natural hair texture. But it seems fashionistas are done with keeping it subtle and are bringing back colourful eyeshadows, plump lips, cute details like face-framing tendrils and of course, high fashion, press-on nails that look stunning in selfies. The details are simple too; layers a lip gloss, metallic lips with an overdrawn lip liner, blushed cheeks, smudged shimmery eyes, and sometimes a bold red lip!

One of the biggest Y2K hair trends is one that we never expected to make a comeback — chunky highlights. Yes, there is a reason why your favourite pop divas like Taylor Swift and Dua Lips were DIYing chunky highlights in 2020. Balayage in warm shades have been replaced by bright and quirky colours like fiery orange, sapphire blue, and even hot pink, and we are quite frankly excited to try it ourselves!

Here’s why ‘Y2K’ is the coolest hair and makeup trend of 2021

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So how exactly do you pick and style your own Y2K look? It’s simple. If you are a 90s kid, just pick out your favourite artists from your high school playlist and recreate their look. As for Gen Z, who have not experienced this era, look to younger influencers, scour reels and maybe start googling some early 2000s music videos to get inspired. Just make sure to keep it fun and use a bunch of different textures — matte, dewy, shimmy or sparkly — and you have yourself your own unique Y2K look!

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