You’ve always envied those girls in commercials for having bouncy, beautifully nourished hair and often wondered why your hair feels dry and limp all the time. While the lack of moisture is one of the biggest reasons for your hair looking dehydrated, there are several other reasons like exposure to the sun and an unhealthy lifestyle that can be the monster behind you having a bad hair day every now and then. Here’s how can care for dry hair and help your hair regain its moisture…

Finger comb your scalp

You might assume that brushing your hair would be a wise move but this actually causes more breakage. Obviously, this gets worse with dry hair since it is even more susceptible to hair fall. Our advice is to finger comb your hair to help distribute natural oils from your scalp and function as a natural moisture treatment for your hair. It’s really as easy as it sounds!

Eat right

Eating foods with healthy fats that can keep your hair healthy and shiny is of utmost importance. Hence, try and include salmon, nuts, seeds and avocados in your diet as much as possible. This will ensure that your hair gets the necessary nourishment from within thereby repairing dry and damaged tresses.

Choose the right product

Are you choosing the right product that can lend your hair the moisture it’s been craving all along? We’ve been using the Dove Hair Therapy Dryness Care Shampoo and Conditioner range that contains nutritive serum which gets absorbed in your hair and provides optimum hydration. This eventually gives you nourished silky, smooth locks.