Ever felt like your hair stopped growing at a certain length? Have you tried several oils and treatments that promise to give you longer hair only to be disappointed? Well, we’ve got news. There are several reasons why your hair won’t grow beyond a certain length.

In this article, we have broken down all the reasons why your hair might not be growing and what you can do to stimulate hair growth for longer, healthier hair.


1. Age

Age causes for not growing hair

As you grow older, the growth cycle of your hair becomes shorter. Your hair also tends to get weaker and breaks off easily. This is why older people have thin or weak hair. Subjecting it to chemical treatments and constant heat styling can reduce the growth cycle and damage it. This prevents hair from growing past a certain length.


2. Split ends

Split ends causes for not growing hair

One of the reasons why your hair may not be growing is because you have split ends. Even though your hair is growing at the roots, it may be breaking off at the bottom, making it look like your growth is stagnant. The solution is to trim your hair and get rid of split ends. Leaving it as-is will only cause it to split further up to the hair shaft, causing more breakage and stunting growth.


3. Hair breakage

Hair breakage causes for not growing hair

Did you know that, on average, hair grows about six inches every year? If you don’t take good care of it or expose it to regular chemicals treatments or heat styling, it may break off just as fast as it grows. When this happens, you may feel your hair isn’t growing anymore.

Limit heat styling and overuse of styling products, and embrace the natural texture of your hair. Avoid aggressive styling — this means no tight ponytails or combing hair while it's still wet.


4. Poor hair care routine

Poor hair care routine causes for not growing hair

Maintaining a good hair care routine is essential to the health and growth of your hair. Using too much or too little product, aggressively towel drying your hair or washing hair with really hot water can hamper the growth of your hair by making it prone to breakage. It is essential to understand your hair type and build a routine around it by using products formulated for your hair type and concern.


5. Diet and exercise

Diet and exercise causes for not growing hair

Eating healthy and nutritious food is not only good for your body but also for your skin and hair. A vitamin and protein-rich diet can accelerate hair growth that seems to have become stagnant., Some foods to include in your diet for hair growth are eggs, spinach, berries, avocado and beans. Loaded with vitamins, collagen and proteins, these foods will nourish your scalp and promote growth at the root.