Are you sick of excessive hair fall? Or sick of rough and weak hair? We recommend that you try out something natural this time, instead of those chemical-based products you usually go for. Many chemical-based hair products could, in fact, be one of the major reasons that your tresses are stressed, since they encourage frequent visits to the salon for treatments and hair spas. Letting your hair grow naturally strong and healthy might take some effort, but it is definitely all the more satisfying. Also, don’t forget to maintain a balanced diet and a good hair routine alongwith.

The falling of hair is pretty common and new strands often replace the old, but excessive hair loss can lead to the thinning of hair. Amla, known to be one of the most nourishing herbs for hair, has a plethora of medicinal benefits that are useful to your hair in any form, whether it be raw, powdered or through its oil. Amla acts as a natural conditioner, making your hair grow thicker and stronger.

Here are a few benefits of Amla that’ll surely convince you to switch to it, instead of using chemical-based products.


1. Hair Growth

Hair Growth

Thanks to the phyto-nutrients, vitamins and minerals present in Amla, it helps in increasing circulation in the scalp, promoting a healthy growth of hair. The presence of vitamin C produces collagen protein which helps in hair growth, both lengthwise and in volume. These collagens also help in replacing the dead cells of the hair with new ones.


2. Treats Dandruff

Treats Dandruff

It is common knowledge that dandruff is caused primarily due to the dryness of the scalp. The vitamin C present in Amla tackles the dryness problem and prevents the accumulation of dandruff on your scalp. Amla also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that help provide relief against the itching caused by dandruff.


3. Cleanser


Amla juice cleanses the scalp, nourishes it and makes your hair look shiny. The antioxidants in Amla help protect hair from the damage caused by dust, pollution, smoke, hairstyling tools, and many other factors. We can’t think of any other product that could do all of this, and so effectively too.


4. Treats Frizzy Hair

Treats Frizzy Hair

If you are a regular victim of unmanageable frizzy hair, then Amla is the hero you’ve been looking for. Frizzy hair can be a sign of dryness and Amla helps by restoring moisture to it. It also removes the dead cells and strengthens your hair in turn. With regular treatment of Amla, you can easily get rid of those unmanageable, frizzy strands.


5. Natural Shine

Natural Shine

Amla powder, when added to a home-made hair mask, can help provide a natural shine to your hair. Make sure you apply it regularly though, to have better results. The presence of vitamin C in Amla can stop the pre-mature greying of hair as well. If you’re applying henna and wish for a stronger colour, add some Amla powder. This will increase the potency of henna while also making your hair shinier.


6. Strengthens Hair

Strengthens Hair

The juice of the Amla fruit has a lot of benefits for both, hair and skin. The juice strengthens your hair as well as the follicles, promoting hair growth. As your hair strengthens from the roots, it also regains its original colour and lustre. Apply the paste onto the roots of your scalp and witness your hair grow stronger and shinier with time.