How To Do Boho Hair

Written by Sukriti RijhsinghaniSep 16, 2023
How To Do Boho hair

Hello, ladies! If you’ve already mastered the art of making lovely plaits, why not go for something even more stylish and chic? These literally twisted Bohemian hairstyles are easy to do and can be as beautiful as the classic braided hairstyle, or even more. Most Boho hairstyles can be adorned on just about any occasion as well. Here are some funky and stylish Boho hairstyles that you can try for the next party or celebration that you attend or host. Some of these hairstyles might require you to have a helping hand though.


1. Fishtail braids

6.	Two-to-one braided style

Fishtail braids look gorgeous, especially when paired with a nice hat. Part your hair into two sections and then tie a fishtail braid on each side. After you have secured the ends, gently tug at the braids so as to loosen them for a messier finish.


2. Baby braids

6.	Two-to-one braided style

Tiny braids make for a stunning look when worn with a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. You can accessorise your hair with an elegant flower crown as well. Grab any random 1-inch section of your hair and braid tightly so as to form tiny braids that blend into the rest of your hair. Make one or two such braids to get that Boho look.


3. Rope and rosette headband

6.	Two-to-one braided style

You can recreate this look with ease even at home. It is easy to make and the only thing you need is a braid rope. You can even complement your braid rope with tiny artificial rosebuds by sticking them on with hot glue and letting it dry for some time. Tie the headband around your head and braid the rope that hangs down into a single braid on one side of your head. Let the hair on the other side stay loose.


4. 70’s side braid

6.	Two-to-one braided style

Inspired from the 70s era, this braid will make you look incredible and will probably go well with all your outfits too. Keep your bangs out of your face by braiding them. Start from the centre part and braid your bangs into small sections at the front. Continue the braid around to the back and pin it in place.


5. Tousled side braid

6.	Two-to-one braided style

This side braid looks brilliant and complements your look well, especially if you’re going to wear a lehenga. To get this gorgeously textured side braid, create a side partition and then tightly French-braid your hair from the right to the left, along the side of your head to the ends. Once you have secured it in place, gently tug at the plaits to loosen the braid so as to give it a softer and sleeker look.


6. Two-to-one braided style

6.	Two-to-one braided style

You’ve probably seen Deepika Padukone don this one in the movie Ram Leela and now you too can make this braid for yourself. Make a centre partition and braid a 2-inch section on each side, securing them both with small rubber hair ties. Take the ends of both the braids and start braiding them together, securing them at the bottom.

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