You think you win over all your hair problems in the shower by washing your hair with the right products, don’t you? Nah, it’s not so easy. What you do post a hair wash is just as important. That’s when your hair deserves that extra TLC since it’s prone to breakage and loss of moisture. Want to know how you can stay away from hair problems after a hair wash? Here are some do’s and don’ts.

Do dry with tee after hair wash

  • Do dry with a tee

    Surprised that we’re actually telling you to dry your hair using a T-shirt instead of a towel? That’s because a towel can rough up your hair shaft and cause considerable damage to your tresses. This can worsen split ends and cause your tresses to become weak. So it’s best to use a T-shirt to dry your hair. This won’t harm your hair shaft and will help in keeping the moisture in your hair intact in case you’ve been suffering from dry hair.

do not use blow dryers after hair wash

  • Do not use blow dryers

    We’ve said this before and we’re saying it again—heat styling is not the most ideal thing for your hair. Yes, there will be days when heat styling will be your easy solution but don’t make this a habit. When you blow dry your hair every day post hair wash, the heat robs your hair of moisture making your hair dry and brittle. Plus, you should know that wet hair is already sensitive and has higher chances of breakage. So make sure you steer clear of blow drying, especially after a hair wash.

do use smoothening serum after hair wash

  • Do use a smoothening serum

    While you need to use a serum according to your hair type you should also know that serum helps you get rid of frizz and fights humidity along with making your hair smooth and soft—a must for your hair once you’ve had a hair wash. If you’re looking for the perfect serum, try the Toni & Guy Shine Gloss Serum. It instantly adds shine and tames flyaways to make your hair look polished and glossy-- just what you need after a hair wash.

do not tie your hair after hair wash

  • Do not tie your hair

    As we said earlier, wet hair is fragile and tying it up will only cause hair breakage. Worse, when you use an elastic to tie your hair up after a hair wash, it only leads to further split ends. Besides, tying your hair makes your scalp itchy and there’s a possibility of dandruff too. So make sure you wait for your hair to dry and then tie it up.

do detangle knots using finger after hair wash

  • Do detangle knots using fingers

    It happens to the best of us—we forget conditioning and then we’re just left with knots in our hair. But what do we do when we can’t use something as rough as a comb yet want to get rid of the knots? Just use your fingers! Use ‘em to detangle any knots in your hair but make sure you aren’t too rough while doing so.

do not comb hair after hair wash

  • Do not Comb hair

    Combing wet hair is a complete no-no. Simply because using anything on wet hair will only aggravate hair fall and hair breakage problems. Wait for it to dry just a wee bit and then go in with a wide-tooth comb if you must.