Best Moisturisers For Sensitive Skin: 4 Of The Best

Written by Anushka ShahMar 09, 2023
 Best Moisturisers for Sensitive Skin: 4 of the Best

The super markets and the e-stores are perpetually flooded with options - whether you’re looking for the right concealer or a hand cream, you’re always spoilt for choice. And owing to the barrage of everything, us beauty mavens are always wondering and thinking! So, to make it simpler - let’s tell you how to navigate - you must first choose the brand of goods you want to buy. After all, a name is always associated with quality. And next, you must have the right product. For instance, greasy skin gals may require something a sensitive skin girlie wouldn’t - in this case some segregation is key. And well, if you’re on the lookout for the right moisturiser for sensitive skin - a bit of a tricky space, we’ve got you. Understanding formulation for your specific skin type (and not just pretty packaging), we’re loaded on the best names in town - so, scroll down for all the secrets, we’ve stocked up on ‘em all.   

Best Moisturisers for Sensitive Skin: The Basics  

The A1 moisturisers for sensitive skin, all named here! Stay tuned 

1. Simple Kind to Skin Protecting Light Moisturiser with SPF 15  

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Prancing under the sun may allow you to take your #goldenhour snaps. However, that comes with a cost - it can make your dry skin dryer (ugh, literally) and oily skin, greasier as your oil glands work overtime while trying to keep the dryness away. But fret not, you can break this vicious cycle with the help of a sunscreen-moisturiser combo. So, if you’re thinking of a pick, try the likes of the Simple Kind to Skin Protecting Light Moisturiser with SPF 15 - a moisturiser for sensitive skin as it defends your skin from UV rays while also keeping it hydrated during the day. It is also loaded with vitamin E to pump your dermis with that extra nourishment it craves. And if you are worried about sunscreen’s usual white patchy residue, this moisturiser keeps the cast away as it is lightweight with a non-greasy finish - keeping your skin smooth and moisturised at all times. So, treat your skin with the sensitivity it deserves and invest in this baby RN.   

2. Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser 

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Next on our radar has to be the unfailing moisturiser for sensitive skin, the Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser. It is free of parabens, artificial fragrances, colours and dyes which would otherwise dry out your skin. But don’t worry it also has light and nourishing ingredients like borage seed oil and vitamin E that take care not to make your face oily while doing their job. On top of it, it is also loaded with glycerin to hydrate dry skin all day while pro-vitamin B5 soothes the skin and restores moisture. It also happens to be non-comedogenic so you don’t have to worry about clogged pores or acne if you also have sensitive skin. Doing the most for your dermis, we’re tbh in love with this product…and you should be too! 

3.Simple Kind To Replenishing Rich Moisturiser  

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If you know Simple’s ideology, you’re also to know that this moisturiser for sensitive skin also happens to be free of harsh chemicals which would otherwise worsen your skin. Yes, we’re talking about the Simple Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser that is rich but not greasy, making it the perfect cream for softening and soothing combination skin. This magical potion injects life to dull skin by keeping it hydrated for 24 hours straight. It also keeps your skin soft and healthy with the help of allantoin and bisabolol along with the usual moisturising ingredients glycerin and pro-vitamin B5. Giving your skin that supple gloss and plumpness, this moisturiser for sensitive skin is all you need for the #iwokeuplikethis glow. 

4. Pond’s Super Light Gel 

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Fourth on the charts and still one of our faves is one of those fancy names dominating the skincare world is the Pond’s Super Light Gel Loaded with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to make a potent moisturiser for sensitive skin - this cream has several benefits like anti-ageing, controlling excess sebum, smoothing skin texture and evening your complexion. Plus, it also keeps your face hydrated all day long. And it being the best moisturiser for sensitive skin just happens to be an added bonus. Oil-free and light, it has a water base with the help of glycerin that doesn’t make your skin sticky but also locks moisture in your skin so you can also deal with the dry patches on your face. We’d say that’s a win-win.  

Now that we’ve given you all the intel on how to keep your skin supple and radiant, let’s plunge into the most asked Qs - so your doubts are clear - just like your skin!   

FAQs about Best Moisturizers for Sensitive Skin   

Hang in there… 

Q1 How much moisturiser should I use?  

 Well, if you think more moisturiser will give you quicker results - let us just stop you right there! A nickel-sized amount should be the perfect quantity for your full face. Going in with heavy squeezes can bring some breakouts your way, and using too little won’t hydrate your skin, keeping it firm and tight.    

Q2  How often should I moisturise my sensitive skin?  

 After experiencing that glowy look, you’ll want to hydrate your face every 30 minutes but don’t overdo it. We suggest moisturising your skin after washing your face - so, twice a day should be the ideal number. Also, carefully pat dry all the water droplets from the skin before applying your moisturiser. Ensure you apply it all over your face, especially on the creases of your face; the side of your nose and the area above your eyes.    

Q3. How can I moisturise my sensitive skin naturally?  

There are several DIY remedies that you can try. Use moisturising ingredients like mashed banana and papaya on the dry patches. Use oil-controlling ingredients like lemon, honey and oatmeal to deal with the oily parts of your face.  

There you have it. We hope you can find the best high street moisturiser for sensitive skin for you from the list above.  

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