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Written by Dayle PereiraSep 27, 2018
Day in and day out, your hair is subjected to endless rounds of styling, brushing, curling and tousling. So at the end of the day, when it comes to giving your hair the appreciation it needs, why not re-analyze the hair essentials? For that very reason, we’re turning to co-washing, which is the practice of using solely a hair conditioner to wash ones hair. While co-washing hair does come with a boat load of benefits, it’s important to remember to use the best conditioner for yourself as well as the right technique for your hair type. Find out everything you need to know about co-washing by following this ready guide…

How do you co-wash your hair?

How does it benefit your hair?

Co-washing is the technique of using only conditioner to wash one’s hair and no shampoo; hence it is also called the no-poo routine. This is done to mildly cleanse the hair while nourishing it. To do so, get your hands on the Dove Daily Shine Conditioner. After wetting your hair, apply a small portion of the conditioner over the lengths of your hair and away from your roots. Created with Nutritive Serum, this conditioner will keep your hair safe from the elements. Once you’ve left it for a few minutes, rinse it off with warm water and leave your hair to air dry.


What do you keep in mind before co-washing?

How does it benefit your hair?

Prior to joining the co-washing clan, keep these few things in mind.

For one, find out what your hair texture is as your co-washing routine depends on it.

If you’ve got thick hair that is curly and voluminous, solely co-washing can help your tresses out.

For thin, fine hair, co-wash once every week but also use a mild shampoo on your hair.

This will prevent scalp build-up and avoid your hair from becoming limp.

Secondly, treat your scalp to a thorough scrub every other week. This will make sure that even when you’re co-washing, your scalp is clarified and residue-free.


How does it benefit your hair?

How does it benefit your hair?

The practice of co-washing nourishes the lengths of your hair without stripping it of its natural oils. This technique is ideal to treat your hair naturally without the addition of any excess of products to your routine. Co-washing ensures that, even when you are on the no-poo hair regime, your hair will continue to feel smooth and stay free from damage.

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