Haircuts are like sunglasses—everyone has one but it may not be the kind that fits your face just right! This is a rule that goes for all face shapes.

For those of you with a square face, your need a haircut that will soften the edges of your face and create an elongated effect. To get an expert opinion on the matter, we approached the hair stylists at the Lakmé Salon to tell us the best haircuts and hairstyles for square faces…

Angled bob for short hair

An angled bob cut with longer hair in the front that gradually gets shorter towards the back adds vertical dimension to an otherwise wide face.


Asymmetrical layers for long hair

Because no face is perfectly symmetrical, asymmetric layers that fall along the cheek bones and collar bones can add a sculpted or chiseled effect to the face.


Side-swept bangs in for medium length hair

When it comes to square faces, bangs help strike a balance by softening broad foreheads. Side swept bangs work better than blunt bangs since they have an easier drape that immediately draws attention to the eye level.