Long and thick hair is a dream most girls want to live. Long tresses add so much elegance and style to your appearance. It allows you to try out a zillion hairstyles and allows you to change your look within minutes!

The only sad part is waiting for your hair to grow. It is so similar to waiting for your nail polish to dry, quite frustrating! It is a slow process and you barely realise the length difference until your ponytail can be converted to a braid. But that happens when you don't know how to grow hair faster, we do and it is not that difficult! 

Well, here is a hair care guide to help you learn how to grow hair faster in a month


1. Chopping Tips

Chopping Tips To Grow Hair Faster

The first step to speed up your hair growth is chopping a few centimeters. If you accidentally chop a few inches, you are doing no harm to your hair length. Say goodbye to those damaged hair ends. Getting regular trims to snip out split ends is a way to check on the thickness of your hair strands. This prevents breakage of hair strands and keeps your hair tips healthy. Keep getting consistent trims every 12-15 weeks to prevent extreme split ends before they start. As the probability of getting split ends reduces your hair grows longer.


2. Shampoo Helps To Clean Scalp

Shampoo Helps To Clean Scalp And To Grow Hair Faster

Your scalp fuels your hair. So start with a hot water rinse as it opens your hair follicle which in turn makes removing the trapped dirt and oil easier for you. Using an exfoliating shampoo helps to promote hair growth as it cleans the scalp. A clean scalp is able to efficiently absorb the natural oils required for the nourishment of hair strands. Not many will tell you but this is actually a great tip to grow hair faster. Friction can permanently damage your hair’s cuticle so wash your hair like you hand wash your delicate outfits—very gently and carefully. Wash your hair twice a week to thoroughly cleanse and remove excess sebum from your hair follicles.


3. Condition Your Hair After Shampoo

Condition Your Hair After Shampoo To Grow Hair Faster

Never forget to condition your hair after shampoo. It locks all the moisture in your strands and makes them shiny and healthy. It helps to regulate the keratin content in your fragile hair ends so you can get longer and healthier hair. Conditioning regularly helps to grow hair longer and keeps hair soft and shiny for a longer time.


4. Rinsing Your Hair

Rinsing Your Hair For Faster Hair Growth

Do not use hot water while rinsing your hair if you want the answer to how to grow hair faster. It makes your hair very dry and brittle. Always end your shower with cold water as it seals your hair follicles and eventually prevents hair loss. It also makes your hair less frizzy and more manageable. Cold water lies down the on the hair smoothly and prevents any potential moisture loss. 


5. Wrapping Your Hair After Washing

Wrapping Your Hair After Washing For Faster Hair Growth

Wrapping your hair after washing it does more damage to your hair than you can imagine. Though it helps dry your hair faster it also damages your hair roots. Wet hair is the most fragile hair and can be broken with a slight amount of pressure. Hence, it is preferable to pat your hair dry rather than warping it in a towel if you want to grow hair faster.


6. Hair Oiling Tips

Hair Oiling Tips To Grow Hair Faster

Nourishment is the key to growth. You have to take special care and efforts to give your hair optimum nourishment. Oiling is one way to ensure that your hair roots absorb all nutrients and vitamins needed for boosting your hair growth and make your hair grow faster. Give yourself an oil massage as it will relieve you of all the stress and bless your hair follicles. Massaging your hair with essential oils increases the blood flow to the scalp and stimulates hair growth. Move your hands in vertical strokes with medium pressure and not with circular motions as this can tangle your hair. Do this a night before washing your hair as your hair follicles will get enough time to absorb the oils. These hair growth oils are able to feed the hair strands with keratin and seal it inside them after washing the hair. This way you will not feel like having a greasy scalp and your hair will remain bouncy and silky.


7. Hair Brushing Tips

Hair Brushing Tips To Grow Hair Faster

You lose most of your hair while brushing them. Constantly brushing your hair can cause damage to hair roots and lead to severe hair fall. When you detangle your hair use a wide comb and start from the ends and slowly work your way up to the roots. When you brush from your roots towards the ends, it brings small knots together to form a bigger knot. This leads to huge hair fall. Always try to brush your hair post washing when they are slightly wet. Be gentle on your strands if you wish to grow hair faster.


8. Be Patient

Be Patient For Faster Hair Growth

Your hair can grow a maximum half an inch every month. And this is only possible if your hair is super nourished and does not have any split ends. Be patient as you wait for your hair to grow. You can try your best to speed up the hair growth with hair growth supplements and solutions. Do not feel disheartened when you cut your hair every 12 weeks as it will fully grow out in a few months to consistent care.


9. Avoid Heat And Colours

Avoid Heat And Colours For Faster Hair Growth

Heat treatments like curling and straightening damages your hair ends and shuns their growth. It is essential to avoid any styling applications in the process of growing your hair longer. If styling your hair is the last option use lots and lots of heat protectant serums before inserting the iron in your hair. Also, avoid colouring or bleaching your hair as your hair strands start to get thinner at the ends. This also adversely affects the length and volume of your hair. It strips your hair of natural oils and results in dry and frizzy hair. Take special care while tying your hair and try not to put hair strands under unnecessary pressure. Tying your hair too tightly reduces blood flow to the scalp and damages your hair follicles. Try using loose rubber bands or big hair clips that will help you in keeping your strands healthy and help grow hair faster


FAQs about Faster Hair Growth:

Q. How long does it take for hair to grow?

A. On average it takes two to three weeks before a small amount of hair grows. However, following certain hair care habits will grow hair faster.

Q. How to grow hair faster at home?

A. Regular hot oil massages, scalp exfoliation, deep conditioning hair masks are important apart from regular shampoo and conditioning if you want to grow hair faster at home. Ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, onion juice, rosemary oil promote hair growth.

Q. Why is my hair not growing?

A. A lot of factors are responsible for stalling the growth of your hair this includes stress, scalp infections, poor hair care habits and more.