A hair brush is like your real life BFF… While they’ve always got your back, you cannot help but take them for granted! *wink wink*

Unlike makeup and skincare products, hair brushes don’t come with an expiry date. That’s why we end up using the same brush for years on end! Even with proper care, a hair brush needs to be replaced sooner than you might think. If you’re still not feeling a little guilty, here are all the reasons why you should be replacing your trusty hair brush every six to 12 months.

How often should you replace your hair brush

Each time you reach for your hair brush, remember all the dead skin cells, oil buildup and grime are going back into your hair. This can weigh your hair down, cause breakage and give rise to common scalp concerns such as dandruff, excessive greasiness and in some cases, eczema. And that’s not all! These icky brush cling-ons can also create a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. Yikes!

While it’s ideal to remove hair from your brush after every use and deep clean it at least once a week, it still needs to be replaced often in order to avoid scalp or hair damage. Washing your hair brushes is as important as cleaning your makeup brushes. Doing this regularly will reduce cross contamination.

So, if you look at your hair brush carefully and find it to have lost a few bristles, or that the bristles have lost their shape, then these are definite signs that it is time to give your beloved brush a decent funeral, and get yourself a new one!