How To Care For Your Hair In The Monsoon

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 01, 2018
Monsoons can mean trying times for your hair what with a perpetual itchy and irritable scalp. But with a few smart tips in hand, you can easily beat such monsoon hair problems without having to worry about having a bad hair day. Here’s listing down some monsoon hair care tips that involve pampering your scalp…

Nourish your scalp

Dry your hair naturally

The monsoon can damage your hair to a great extent, thanks to the humidity in the air. Worse, it all starts from the scalp which invariably becomes greasy and itchy. This is why you need a hair spa at home in the form of the TRESemmé Hair Spa Rejuvenation range. The shampoo, infused with hydrating marine minerals, nourishes your scalp while the Massageable Conditioner ensures that your hair is deeply moisturised!


Don’t discount an oil massage

Dry your hair naturally

Oiling helps nourish the roots but also moisturises the scalp and keeps it healthy. But make sure after oiling, you wash your hair within 2-3 hours. We suggest you opt for the Dove Elixir Hair Fall Rescue that’s enriched with strengthening qualities of precious almond oil and rose petals. This one will tackle your hairfall problems during this season as well as keep your scalp nourished.


Dry your hair naturally

Dry your hair naturally

As much as possible, stay away from heat and blow dryers because they only damage your hair further. The heat from such products causes your scalp to become more greasy during the monsoons. Hence, it’s best to dry your hair naturally during this season.

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