Hairstyles that complement your face shape are capable of adding value to your entire look but how exactly do these hairstyles work with face cuts, you ask? Does all that backcombing make your face appear longer and will a fringe take away from the roundness of your chin?

Well, we get our hair expert Shailesh Moolya at the Lakmé Salon to give us new hairstyles for women with for three different face types.

But before you begin, we suggest working on making your hair long and strong. The truth is, if your hair isn’t healthy enough , no hairstyle will make it look good. We rely on the Sunsilk Thick and Long with its Keratin Yogurt Nutria-Complex that nourishes our hair from the root to tip leaving it super healthy and strong ready to take on any hairdo.

Loose waves for round faces

When choosing a hairstyle for your face shape, round faces shouldn’t opt for anything that is swept or pulled back since this would bring attention to the face shape. Instead, loose waves add softness and side or straight bangs would help reduce the roundness of the face.

Middle parting or side fringes for oval face

Oval faces don’t work well with height. Try a center parting instead as it makes your face look less long. Also try and work with fringes, if you don’t have a fringe or a side fringe then work with something that cuts your face diagonally, like buns with a side part.

Buffo or high bun for square face

For the square shaped face, opt for hairstyles that give your face a rounder shape such as a bouffant or a high bun. Use whatever you can to kill the square shape with a little roundness around your face such as soft curls.