How To Choose The Right Hair Parting For Your Face Shape

Written by Delia AlmeidaMay 27, 2019
Almost every time we go in for a haircut, we’re asked about which side we part our hair on. Well, that’s because certain hair partings complement certain face shapes. Did you know that the wrong hair parting can exaggerate certain facial features while the right hair parting can indeed accentuate the right ones? If you want to know what the right parting for your face shape is, read on...

Face shape: Oblong

Before you give your hair a makeover, we suggest nourishing it by washing it with the Dove Daily Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. Since it contains Nutritive Serum, it will shield your hair from environmental pollutants making it shiny and smooth. When your hair looks healthy your hairstyle will automatically stand out. Read on to know all about the different partings for different face shapes.


Face shape: Round

Face shape: Oblong

Parting: Centre or deep side parting

When you have a round face shape, adding dimension to it could be quite a struggle, be it through makeup or hairstyles. In this case, opting for a deep side part accentuates your features. A centre parting too elongates the face giving it a longer appearance. Both these hair partings create symmetry around the face.

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Face shape: Square

Face shape: Oblong

Parting: Centre or side parting with bangs

Side part Hairstyles with bangs will create an illusion of a less square face shape. Side bangs also soften the angles.You can even try a centre parting for it will define your cheekbones and elongate your face.

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Face shape: Oval

Face shape: Oblong

Parting: All kinds of partings

You’re very lucky if you have an oval face. Pretty much any hair style suits this face shape. Hence, feel free to experiment.

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Face shape: Heart

Face shape: Oblong

Parting: Deep side parting

As this kind of face shape has the widest cheeks and a pointy chin, a deep side hair parting will break up the chin line and soften the face. You can also opt for a centre hair parting but do so only if you have long hair.

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Face shape: Diamond

Face shape: Oblong

Parting: Side parting

A side parting works best for a diamond shaped face, as the forehead is small. This hair parting complements the cheekbones. A side fringe doesn’t really suit people with this kind of face. So grow out your fringes and wear them with a side parting instead.

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Face shape: Oblong

Face shape: Oblong

Parting: Centre hair parting with bangs or fringe

An oblong face shape has more length than width. To add an illusion of roundness to the face, wear a centre parting with a fringe or just a simple centre parting.

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