Do you not have time to go to the salon? Or are you the type to challenge yourself? Well, let’s take a look at cutting hair at home and some tips and tricks to get a professional look. 

Cutting hair at home can be a daunting task and often it’s best to leave complicated haircuts and colour treatments to the professionals. But there can be days when you don’t have time to visit a salon – yet your mane desperately needs a little trim. We totally understand your plight and that’s why we’re going to tell you how you can trim your hair at home.  

cutting hair at home hair clip

How to cut hair at home – the basics  

If you’ve ever tried cutting your own bangs as a teenager, or chopped a few inches off the ends, you will know it’s not easy. There is always the fear of messing up the length. But if you’re short on cash, or in no mood to brave the small talk with the parlour aunty, it’s time to learn how to cut hair at home. 

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Tips before cutting your hair 

  • Start with damp and detangled hair - just like you would get a hair wash before a haircut, for a DIY trim you need to have clean, wet hair. So when you get to cutting, make sure your hair is damp beforehand. 

  • Decide on the length - whether it’s one, two or three inches, make a guide cut. Clamp a section of hair between two fingers and slide it down to the desired length to chop.  

  • Use the right pair of scissors – trust us, please don’t use kitchen scissors on your hair! The blunt edges will ruin the texture of your tresses and make split ends worse. Use hair scissors that are specifically designed when you are cutting hair at home. 

  • Cut less than you need to - when your hair is wet, it will look slightly longer. You can always cut more later if you don’t get the desired length. 

  • Ask for help - cutting your own hair can be quite tricky. Get someone to help at the back, so you get an even length. If you can’t find anyone to help, keep a mirror in the front and back to check your hair from every angle. 

cutting hair at home long brown hair wash tresemme

Steps to cutting hair at home 

Step 1: Wash and condition 

The first step to cutting hair at home is washing it. Cutting your hair when it is dirty or greasy is never a good idea. Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner like the paraben-free Tresemme Pro Pure Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. It has nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, sunflower seed oil and coconut oil, which are perfect for all hair types. It also cleanses hair of excess oil and grime while strengthening weak locks

Step 2: Use a cape and clips 

Cover your shoulders with a cape or an old towel to keep the mess to a minimum. Gather clips, the more the better. Brush your hair thoroughly first to detangle any knots

Step 3: Spritz water 

Your hair should be wet enough but not too wet when cutting hair. If your hair has dried, lightly spray water till it is just damp.  

Step 4: Divide hair into sections 

Depending on the thickness and length of your hair, divide it into four to six sections. The best way to do this is by parting your hair at the centre and then creating similar sections on each side. Secure each section with a clip. Now let’s learn how to cut hair at home! 

cutting hair at home brown hair comb

Step 5: Start cutting 

  • Take a few strands from one of the sections, comb it and hold the ends tightly away from your scalp and at a 90-degree angle, between your fingers 

  • Keeping your fingers tight on the hair, bring it close and trim the ends 

  • Take new strands of hair from the same section and add them to the previously cut strands Follow its length as a guide and cut the new strands of hair at the same length 

  • Repeat these steps and work section by section until you are done 

Step 6: Final touches 

After finishing, check if your hair is even. Brush your hair and bring sections of hair together at the ends from either side, to compare whether they’re the same length. If not, make the adjustments by trimming off the uneven strands. 

cutting hair at home brown hair

Types of hair 

Long hair  

Cutting hair at home when the hair is longer is actually pretty easier than with shorter locks. This is because you can easily see and reach your hair. Bring each section to the front to cut after holding the desired end with your fingers. Then snip the ends by holding your scissors perpendicular to make it look even. 

Short hair  

Learning how to cut hair at home when it’s shorter is tricky. It is difficult to divide and clip short hair, so see if you can get someone to help, especially for the back of your hair. If you are alone, start at the side and then work your way through the rest of your hair. Be careful while trimming around the ears. And keep checking the mirror when you reach the back of your head. 

Curly hair  

Cutting curly hair also happens to be another herculean task. One way to cut it is when it is dry. Trim each curl individually to get maximum volume.  

But that might not always work, especially if your curly hair is dry and frizzy. For this type of curls, you can slightly dampen them. Hold each curl firmly and straight while trimming to prevent coiling. Remember curly hair has a mind of its own, so be very careful and work in small sections. 

Boys’ hair  

If you are learning how to cut hair at home, you might as well experiment with any little people running around the house. Giving your son or little brother a trim is actually pretty easier than cutting your own hair. If you have managed to get a child to sit still, half the battle is won! Their favourite toy or lollipop may help. Start at the back, near the nape of the neck and then move upwards towards the top of their head. Then do the front, picking small sections using the comb and chopping off very little hair at a time. 

cutting hair at home blonde bangs


Bangs are probably the easiest way to get an instant transformation, but cutting them can be a little tricky. Here’s how to do it...   

  • Find your bangs by placing a comb at the centre of your head and combing your hair to the front 

  • Separate them from the rest of your hair and gather them at the bottom to form an inverted V-shape 

  • Hold this section between your fingers and pull it to the side. Then move your fingers to the desired length for your bangs 

  • But don’t cut them horizontally – take the professional route and hold the bangs upwards and straight, away from your face and position the scissor at a 60-degree angle facing downwards and begin snipping away 

  • Next, pull the bangs upward and to the right and cut the strands longer than the majority of the hair 

  • Then pull the bangs upward and to the left and repeat by cutting the longer strands 

  • Brush the bangs down in place to check the length. If you have slightly jagged edges and want a sharper look, keep the scissor perpendicular to the ends and make small snips to cut short all the unruly strands till they fall in a straight line. 

FAQs on how to cut hair at home  

Should I cut hair wet or dry?  

It all depends on the texture. Those with thick and coarse hair are advised to spritz some water before cutting the hair, whereas those with curly and oily hair can benefit more from dry cutting.  

How to get a blunt bob cut at home?  

If you want to trim your hair into a blunt bob, start by using a flat iron to get all the length uniform. Start cutting from the desired length and go around your hair. And you’re done! No sections or angled cuts are needed. 

Cutting hair at home just got easier with these tips and tricks. So, if you really have to get those bangs in the middle of the night or feel the need to suddenly switch up your look, no need to wait till the parlour opens the next day. Just grab some scissors, some clips and get chopping!