As a teenager, if you’ve ever tried cutting your own bangs, or chopped a few inches off the ends, you will know it is no easy task and it is best left to the professionals. But now you are an adult and need to stop those bangs from poking your eyes out or you wish to get rid of those annoying split ends. What do you do? Obviously learn how to cut your own hair at home, of course!

Before we move on to the actual steps on how to cut your own hair at home, here are a few tips you should keep in mind.

- Use the right pair of scissors

Please don’t use kitchen scissors on your hair! The blunt edges will ruin the texture of your hair and make your split ends worse. If possible, use a pair of scissors that are specifically designed for the task.

- Cut less than you think you need to

When your hair is wet, it will look slightly longer, therefore cut less than you think you need to. You can always cut more if you don’t get the desired length.

- Take help

Looking in the mirror and cutting your hair can be quite tricky. If you can, get someone to help, so you get an even trim. If you live alone or can’t find help, use more than one mirror and keep checking how your hair looks.


Steps to cutting hair

Steps to cutting hair at home

Step 1: Wash and condition

The first step to cutting your own hair at home is cleansing it. Cutting your hair when it is dirty or greasy is never a good idea. Wash and condition your hair as you normally do and let it dry completely because hair shrinks when it dries. Once it has dried completely, use a brush to remove tangles and knots.

Step 2: Drape a cape around your shoulders and use clips

Cover your shoulders with a cape or an old towel to prevent the trimmings from getting in your clothes. Gather clips, the more the better, to section your hair and get a professional-level cut at home.

Step 3: Spritz water

The next step is to spray water on your hair, making sure it doesn’t get too damp as it will be difficult to manage then. Depending on the thickness and length of your hair, divide it into 4-6 sections and clip each one. Now let’s learn how to cut your hair at home depending on the length and texture of your hair.


Long hair

How to cut long hair

Begin by dividing your hair into sections, preferably six, and the best way to do this is by parting your hair at the centre and then creating three similar sections on each side. Clip each section to avoid a mess and start by bringing one section to the front. Cut half an inch or a quarter of an inch, depending on how short you want your hair to look. Then snip the ends to make it look even and add some texture. Repeat the process on all the other sections till you get the desired results.


Short hair

How to cut short hair

Learning how to cut your own hair at home when you have short hair is tricky. It is difficult to divide and clip short hair, therefore if you can find help, take it. Ask the person to help you with the hair at the back as that’s the most complicated part. If you end up doing it yourself, start at the side and then work your way through the rest of your hair. Be particularly careful while trimming around the ears, as you don’t want to end up hurting yourself.


Curly hair

How to cut curly hair

Cutting curly hair is as difficult as managing it, and most people believe the best way to cut curly hair is when it is dry, when you trim each curl individually to get maximum volume. But that might not always work, curly hair also tends to be quite dry, so depending on the texture, you can choose to cut it dry or when it is slightly damp. Again, section your hair, gently detangle and use firm pressure while trimming to prevent your hair from coiling in between. Remember curly hair has a mind of its own, so be very careful and work in small sections.


Kids hair

How to cut kids hair

Now that you are learning how to cut your own hair at home, we thought your child’s hair might need a little trimming too. The first and the most important task is to get them to sit still, once you manage to do that, the rest of it is pretty simple (their favourite toy or lollipop may help). Cut the hair when it's freshly washed and slightly damp. Start at the back, near the nape of the neck and then move upwards towards the top of their head. Then do the front, picking small sections using the comb and chopping off very little hair at a time.



How to cut bangs

Bangs are probably the easiest way to get an instant transformation, but many people don’t get it right the first time and end up looking disastrous. To make sure you don’t end up there, we would advise you to cut your bangs only if they’re overgrown. If you don’t have bangs, please don’t try cutting it yourself, as it has a good chance of going wrong. Professionals decide the length and style based on your face shape. Start by finding your bangs and bring them to the front, with the help of a comb, separate the bangs from the rest of your hair. Hold them up in between your fingers and point the scissors inwards while cutting. Never cut your bangs straight across or you will definitely end up with a disaster.


Frequently asked questions on how to cut your own hair at home

Frequently asked questions on how to cut your own hair at home

1) Should I cut my hair wet or dry?

A. Professionals use both techniques for a haircut, it all depends on the texture of your hair. Those with thick and coarse hair are advised to spritz some water before cutting the hair, whereas those with curly hair can benefit from dry cutting more.

2) How do I get rid of split ends?

A. An easy way to get rid of split ends is by trying the hair-dusting method. It prevents you from losing the length yet helps get rid of all the split ends for good.

3) How to get a blunt bob cut at home?

A. If you want to trim your hair into a blunt bob, start by using a flat iron to get all the length uniform. Start at the side then simply follow along the hairline.