Listen Up Ladies! You’ve Got To Try These Hairdos For Short Hair This Summer

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Listen up ladies! You’ve got to try these hairdos for short hair this summer

If you’ve always wanted to cut your hair short, believe us, now is the perfect time to do it. Nothing spells summer like some breeze grazing against your bare neck. Considering that it’s already May and the heat has become almost unbearable, chopping your hair short seems like the best solution to keep sweaty necks at bay.

But if this isn’t a good enough reason for you to sport a shorter mane, we have got a lot of reasons that will definitely change your mind. Short hair is extremely easy to maintain; regular shampoo and conditioning are more than enough to keep your short hair looking healthy and manageable. Additionally, short hair looks extremely cute, adorable and instantly takes off years from your face, thus making you look at least a couple of years younger. Also, if you did not already know this, then haircuts and hairstyles for short hair are all the rage right now. From celebrities and runway trends to social media influencers, you will see that a lot of people have promptly joined the short hair bandwagon.

Now that you are convinced, there are few things that you can keep in mind before going chop-chop. While short hair looks great on everyone, there are certain styles that look better on certain face shapes. Speak to your stylist about what he/she thinks would be the best haircut for you and then cut them short accordingly. Whether you already have short hair and are looking for some hairstyle inspiration or are planning to chop off your long locks this summer, we have something to help you out. We have listed below some amazing haircuts and hairstyles for short hair that you can proudly flaunt this summer...


Haircuts for short hair

Double Dutch braid ponytail

Short Crop

A short wavy crop is an amazing choice for women who have curly hair. This short haircut will look amazing on women with most face shapes but will look particularly sexy on women with an oval face as it helps frame your face and make it look symmetrical.


Layered bob

Double Dutch braid ponytail

All of us have always loved a layered haircut for our long hair, but giving your short hair some layers looks just as beautiful too. A layered bob is an extremely cute haircut for girls. This short haircut looks amazing on women with a rectangular shaped face, as the layers in the haircut give your face a softer and rounder appearance. The best way to style this haircut is by using a lot of cute hair accessories such as clips and bobby pins to ace this look.


Curly bob

Double Dutch braid ponytail

If you are of the opinion that short haircuts don’t look good on curly hair, let us change that for you. A haircut for short curly hair will provide you with the much-needed transformation that you have been looking for. A curly bob looks good on almost all face shapes and can be styled in a number of fun ways.


Pixie cut

Double Dutch braid ponytail

A pixie cut is definitely not for the faint hearted. If you don’t mind going a little bold with your style, then you can definitely try this haircut for short hair. This haircut will transform your look and make you look like a boss-lady in no time! The best part about this short haircut is that it is extremely versatile and looks amazing on women with all face shapes.


Lob (long bob)

Double Dutch braid ponytail

If you are scared of completely stepping out of your comfort zone, a long bob, also known as a lob, is your safest bet. This hairstyle for short hair looks extremely classy and elegant and can be sported by women with all types, from straight to wavy to curly. Also, this haircut is the easiest to style. From buns to braids to ponytails, this haircut for short hair provides you with all the freedom you would want from a fresh, new haircut.

Hairstyles for short hair 

Now that you know of the different haircuts for short hair, it is now time to educate yourselves about the different ways in which you can style them. From braids to buns to ponytails, short haircuts can be styled just as beautifully and easily as long hair. These hairstyles are super simple and quick to recreate...


Twisted ponytail

Double Dutch braid ponytail

From a casual brunch with your girls to a boardroom meeting, this hairstyle is super easy to do. This hairstyle for short hair looks extremely classy and the best part is that it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to achieve this style.

How to get it:

Step 1: Start by thoroughly brushing your hair to get rid of any knots.

Step 2: Make a side parting in your hair on the side you prefer.

Step 3: Take a small section of hair from the right side of your head and start twisting it. Add more hair as you go on.

Step 5: Secure it in place with a bobby pin.  

Step 4: Repeat the same process on the left side as well.

Step 5: Pull the rest of the hair into a mid-high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie.

Step 6: Spray some setting spray to keep flyaways in check.


Half top-knot

Double Dutch braid ponytail

This is one hairstyle that is summer appropriate and looks equally good on short hair as it does on long hair. This hairstyle for short hair is also extremely easy to achieve and is a great way to keep strands of hair getting into your eyes constantly.

How to get it:

Step 1: To give your hair some hold, start by hair cutting style in loose beachy waves.

Step 2: Take the front section of your hair and pull them back from the sides of your forehead until you reach the crown of your head. Remember to not go too far back as the knot needs to truly be on top of your head.

Step 3: Secure your hair in place with a hair tie.

Step 4: Pull some strands out from the front of your hair to give it a messy appearance.


Double Dutch braid ponytail

Double Dutch braid ponytail

Dutch braids have a lot of wow factor attached to them and the best part is that they’re super easy to create. This hairstyle for short hair looks is a super simple way to add some drama to your normal locks.

How to get it:

Step 1: Start with centre parting your hair all the way down your head to create two equal sections. Tie one section using a hair elastic and keep it out of your way.

Step 2:  Take the open hair section and brush out any sections. Then from the front of your head, pick up a small section and divide into three.

Step 3: Begin by crossing the right one under the middle followed by the left one under the middle. Start adding more bits of hair to this as you progress downwards.

Step 4: Continue doing this until you reach the length you desire and secure it with a hair tie. But remember to leave a small portion of hair towards the end.

Step 5: Repeat this process on the other side too.

Step 6: Take the open ends of both the Dutch braids, remove the hair tie and tie both of the sections together.

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