The one thing that can worsen a bad hair day is spotting split ends. Dry, frizzy and wispy ends can truly make our hair look damaged. If you’ve been trying to find the answer to how to remove split ends, here’s what you need to do…


Get regular trims

If you wish to know how to get rid of split ends, you need to get yourself regular trims at the salon. You might love the length of your hair but know that your ends are dead and dry. It’s simple—by chopping those ends, you prevent the hair cuticle from splitting.


Wash it right

One of the biggest reasons you’ve been sighting too many split ends is because you aren’t using the right product that will prevent or repair it. One of the best answers to how to avoid split ends is using the Dove Hair Therapy Split End Rescue range. This range comprises the shampoo and conditioner—both of these have a special formula with fiber actives that treat your hair from deep within, giving you 4x lesser split ends!


Get your dose of Vitamin E

If you truly want healthy hair without split ends, an intake of foods rich in Vitamin E like broccoli, spinach and nuts is a must. This vitamin along with others will repair your hair from inside as they stimulate oxygen uptake and increase the circulation to your scalp giving you healthy, happy hair!