Hair oil applicators offer multiple benefits – from battling seasonal hair fall to improving overall health. Hair oil applicator bottles have become popular for their ease and accessibility. Let’s learn more about them and go over 5 reasons why you should try one out today! 


How to Use a Hair Oil Applicator: The Basics 

Hair oil applicators usually come in a comb shape with little holes at the tip to dispense the hair oil. You can also find a few with a single nozzle dispenser, dropper applicator or simply a fine tip. The main purpose of these is to help the user get as close to the roots as possible without making a mess. A lot of brands usually offer these additional attachments for ease.  

Let’s learn about the benefits that every hair oil applicator offers.  


1. Even application

Get the Most Out of Hair Oil: How to Use a Hair Oil Applicator

Hair oil applicators apply oil evenly as compared to pouring it on the scalp straight from the bottle or using any other dispenser. This helps to provide nutrients to every part of your scalp and also ensures one section isn’t too saturated. The former can lead to weaker strands and the latter leads to clogged pores on the scalp which may cause hair loss.  

2. Precise application

Get the Most Out of Hair Oil: How to Use a Hair Oil Applicator

We often lose out on our hair oil benefits and end up wasting a ton by pouring it straight onto our hair. It’s important for oil to reach your scalp, and not just settle on the hair itself. Hence, a hair oil applicator is recommended as it helps to apply oil directly on the scalp. This way, your oil is absorbed well into the pores and does not just get wasted away.  


3. Mess-free application

Get the Most Out of Hair Oil: How to Use a Hair Oil Applicator

Any regular hair oiling session needs a mirror, a hair oil bottle, and a comb. But with a hair oil bottle applicator, you eliminate excess products and make things super easy. You can simply start brushing through your scalp with the comb applicator and begin your oiling routine. It’s convenient for people who are in a rush or don’t want to get their hands messy.  


4. Stimulates hair growth

Get the Most Out of Hair Oil: How to Use a Hair Oil Applicator

With the precision that these comb-shaped applicators offer and gentle massaging, every hair oil applicator triggers hair growth. It’s a great option from the beginning as it starts by pouring the oil right at the roots which help with deeper penetration into the skin cells. Your hair can reap all the benefits from your hair oil if it reaches the roots directly.  

Moreover, the comb-shaped applicators are designed in a way to help brush the hair and massage the scalp for better blood circulation. Massaging the scalp increases blood flow to the hair follicles. This boost in circulation delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles, which promotes hair growth and helps to improve the overall health of your hair.  

We love the Indulekha Bringha Ayurvedic Oil for all these benefits. This 100% ayurvedic hair oil comes with a blend of natural oils trusted by generations in India. Every bottle contains a mix of Bringha (Bhringraj), Amla, Vatadha, Svetakutaja, Virgin Coconut Oil and more. All these oils come with their own advantages and work together to help grow out new hair and reduce hair fall to deliver the thick, luscious hair we all dream of! 

How to Use the Applicator  

  • Comb your hair thoroughly and get rid of all tangles.  

  • Part your hair on one side and start pouring the hair oil through its applicator. 

  • Cover your scalp with the desired amount of oil and start to gently massage your scalp with the applicator.  

  • Run it through your hair, starting at the roots and till the middle of the lengths of your hair.  

  • Tie your hair up in a bun or braid once you’re done.


5. May prevent acne

Get the Most Out of Hair Oil: How to Use a Hair Oil Applicator

A messy application causes the oil to reach unwanted spots and cause trouble. When your hair is too saturated with oil, it will start reaching your face and clogging your pores. But with the help of a hair oil applicator, you can target the right spots on your head and prevent this from happening. After all, the goal is to enhance our overall beauty. If you see new pimples popping up every time you oil your hair, try this little hack below

How to Use This Tip  

  • Brush your hair to start with tangle-free and tamed hair. 

  • Now, tilt your head backwards and start by brushing the hair oil applicator from the front to the back.  

  • Make sure the oil is limited to your roots and keep your head tilted backwards as you do so. Find a comfortable spot to lean back for this process and continue.  

  • Once you’re done with the oil dispensing, massage the oil into the skin.  

This position allows the hair to only flow down on the scalp, without reaching your face. You can also cleanse your face post-application to be extra sure.  


FAQs about How to Use a Hair Oil Applicator … 

Q1: How often should I use a hair oil applicator? 

The frequency of using a hair oil applicator depends on your hair's condition and your personal preference. Some may prefer applying oil once or twice a week before hair wash, as a part of their regular hair care routine; while others may use it less frequently. Make sure to find a balance that works for your hair type and doesn't result in excessive oiliness or buildup.  


Q2: Are there different types of hair oil applicators? 

Yes, there are different types of hair oil applicators available. Some have a narrow nozzle, allowing for precise application of oil to the scalp. Others feature a brush-like attachment that helps distribute the oil along the length of the hair. And some also come in a dropper form for targetted spots – these are generally the most beginner friendly as they are controlled. However, you can choose the type that best suits your preferences and hair care needs. 


Q3: Can I use a hair oil applicator with any type of hair oil? 

Most hair oil applicators can be used with any type of hair oil, including natural oils like coconut oil, argan oil, or jojoba oil, as well as blends of multiple hair oils. Think of it as a foundation brush – you can use it with any foundation as long as you do it right. Just be sure to read your product’s instructions, (i.e. how to use it, how long to keep it in your hair and the right methods etc.) to keep your hair safe and healthy.