There can be little disagreement on the fact that waves bring to the mind a certain sense of fun, freedom and a whole lot of inspiration. Whether it is the waves crashing on to the beach or the ones in your gorgeous, flowing mane, they’re an instant mood-lifter for just about everyone. There’s something very natural aesthetic and elegant in the form, the way the movement occurs freely along the curve, bringing together the high and the low while staying midline on the whole.

A wavy hairstyle can, more often than not, brighten up your overall appearance, making you look cheerful and lively even when you’re not exactly in high spirits. However, if your hair doesn’t have that natural curl to it i.e. the build-up of keratins in your hair shaft is more symmetrical than you’d like, getting your hair to acquire a wavy shape can be a bit of a task. There are a number of ways that you can get your hair to curl, either by tying up your hair into a twisty bun, through the use of bobby pins, some hair balm and a blow dryer, by braiding your hair or by using a flat or curling iron.

Most Stylish Wavy Hairstyles

All of these hair curling techniques, however, aren’t quite as easy to bring into play as they seem, especially for the uninitiated. Working with heat tools for one, if you’re not too careful, can end up turning into just the misadventure that you were trying to steer clear of. But even apart from the point that you have to be extremely cautious working with hair curling equipment (pun intended), there’s also the matter of choosing the right kind of wavy hairstyle to suit the spirit of the occasion and your overall appearance. Fortunately, our team at BeBeautiful decided to do something about this and created a list of some of the most elegant, easy and stylish wavy hairstyles and methods donned in recent times, complete with a brief tutorial on how to style them.


Blunt to the Shoulders

Wavy Hairstyle - Blunt to the Shoulders

A blunt cut is when the stylist cuts in a straight line across your hair. Made famous by the hairstylist Vidal Sassoon, the blunt cut has majorly been seen on women with naturally straight hair. However, cutting your shoulder length wavy hair in layers, with a blunt line at the end to keep the hair from bushing out is an excellent way of giving best wavy hairstyle that much coveted extra volume. The blunt cut is pretty versatile too and goes well with just about any face shape, be it round, square or oblong.


Flat Iron Beach Waves

Flat Iron Beach Waves Hairstyle

If your hair isn’t naturally wavy, you’ll need to turn to certain tools for assistance in this regard. And while the flat iron is primarily a tool that is used to straighten hair, it works just as well (or probably even better) when it comes to getting your hair to curl. You won’t exactly be able to turn your hair into tiny ringlets but creating a wavy hairstyle is what the flat iron does exceptionally well. All you’ve to do is wrap a section of your hair once around an open iron before clamping it down and running it along the length of your hair (don’t forget to use a heat protectant spray though). Voila, you’ve got beautiful beachy waves in your hair now!


Going Nuts with Donuts

Going Nuts with Donuts Wavy Hairstyle

If you’re a little wary about using heat styling tools on your hair, a hair donut does the job just as well, although it takes a wee bit longer (read as overnight). To get them gorgeous wavy locks, apply a hydrating serum on dry hair and tie it up into a high ponytail using a hair tie. Then, placing the donut at the base of your hair, wrap your ponytail around it, weaving it in and out of the donut. Once you’ve seen. Cured your hair firmly using hair clamps, go to sleep peacefully because you’ll be waking up to wonderfully wavy hair. Woot woot!


The Textured Lob, Effortlessly Elegant

The Textured Lob, Effortlessly Elegant Wavy Hairstyle

The textured lob (short for long bob) is perhaps the easiest and the most effortless one to wear amongst all the wavy hairstyles. And it goes perfectly with your hair no matter its texture. The hair is longer in the front as compared to the back and this kind of layering makes the textured apt for just about any kind of facial shape as well. You can always blow dry your hair for a rather sleeker look or maybe use an iron to get that extra curl for your hair. It’s incredible how much you can do with the textured lob!


Riding the S-Wave

Riding the S-Wave Hairstyle

Speaking of lobs, the relaxed S-wave is one style that will give you the comfortable ‘at-home’ feel and look wherever you are. The S-wave works best with a blunt cut, without any layering. However, if you’ve got thick hair, cutting off some of the hair on the inside will help soften the overall appearance of this wavy hairstyle. And the relaxed S-wave doesn’t just have a comfortable feel to it; it is also a fun hairstyle that is pretty low maintenance as well. If you’re looking to add to the fun quotient a bit, using a curling iron (or a flat one) to get that extra bit of curl won’t hurt either.


Waves, Dutch Style!

Waves, Dutch Style!

If you thought braids were just another way to style your hair, we’d say that you were underestimating the power of rock braids. Amongst all the heat-free methods used to create a wavy hairstyle, this one is probably the coolest. Just create a three-strand Dutch braid (quite like the regular French one, but with the sections crossing under, instead of over) right from the roots to the tip and secure it using hair ties. Then, tug gently at the braid’s edges so as to loosen it up and to give the braid more volume. That’s just about it; go to sleep and unbraid in the morning to get them lovely waves in your hair. Easy-peasy, isn’t it?

Image courtesy: Pinterest