5 Old-School Hair Care Tips That Actually Work!

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
5 old-school hair care tips that actually work!

As they say…old is gold! From skincare to hair care, old-school tips and tricks that have been passed down from generations never fail us. They worked then and they work still. Be it oiling your hair every night, sleeping with your hair tied or washing your hair with cold water, these effective tips can save you a lot of hair drama. Take a look at five such century old hair care tips that you can trust for getting healthy and flawless hair.

5 old school hair care tips that actually work

Brushing hair several times

Want shinier, longer and, basically, healthier hair? Easy! Spend a little extra time brushing your hair before going to bed. Brushing your hair in gentle strokes for a few minutes can remove dead skin cells on the scalp, boost blood circulation and produce sebum which coats your hair. This results in longer and lustrous hair.

5 old school hair care tips that actually work

Henna for softer and smoother hair

Henna has been used to cover greys and colour hair since we can remember. Did you know that it can also help your hair get soft as silk? Yes, henna has been used as a hair conditioner by women since forever. It smoothens the hair shaft and gives you a softer mane. Mix henna with amla powder and yogurt to get smooth and shinier hair.

5 old school hair care tips that actually work

An oil massage before hair wash

You’ve been hearing about this since your childhood days from your grandmas and moms, and for all the right reasons. It helps nourish the scalp and moisturise hair. A hot oil massage for half an hour before every hair wash can improve the health of your hair and make it luscious and beautiful.

5 old school hair care tips that actually work

Apply aloe vera gel to control frizz

Aloe vera gel is packed with hair benefits and it can get you rid of almost everything from frizz to roughness. After you wash your hair, take some fresh aloe vera gel on your palm and run it through your hair. Let it get absorbed and then brush your hair. It will end the frizz and leave your hair soft and smooth.

5 old school hair care tips that actually work

Rice water rinse

Next time you are about to throw out that water you cooked rice in, don’t! Use it to get long hair instead! Rice water contains protein, phytic acid and lipids which all contribute to healthy hair growth. Also, it prevents premature greying of hair and curbs hair loss. After you wash your hair, use rice water as a last rinse. 

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