“Thanks For Always Having My Back” – My Hair To My Bobby Pins

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
“Thanks for always having my back” – My hair to my bobby pins
Can you imagine life without bobby pins? We can’t either! Bobby pins make for one of the greatest hair accessories when it comes to setting as well as styling your hair. Not one of the cool and quirky hairstyles could have been a success without bobby pins. They not only hold your hair together but if used creatively, can take your hair game a few notches higher. Wondering how? Here’s everything you need to know about the wonders of bobby pins...

Flip the bobby pin over for better grip

Make your curls last longer

Are you using your bobby pins, right? If not, here’s what you can do to hold them in place. Flip the pin over so that the wavy side of the bobby pin is against your scalp. The straight side is slicker and won't have a very strong grip, whereas, the wavy, more textured side will hold your pins together firmly, thereby holding your hairstyle.


Prevent slippage by spraying dry shampoo

Make your curls last longer

Though bobby pins help hold your hair and hairstyle in place, they often slip out very easily. Here’s what you can do to prevent slippage. Before inserting a bobby pin in your hair, spray dry shampoo or texturising spray on the inside of the pin to give your hair a strong grip. This way, your pins won’t slip out of your hair.


Keep hair off your face

Make your curls last longer

If you don’t want your hair falling on your face, insert a bobby pin on both sides of your head behind your ears so that no one can spot the pins.


Tidy your braids with bobby pins

Make your curls last longer

Fix any wispy pieces or bumps with cute bobby pins instead of redoing your entire hairdo. If your hair has a lot of short layers that are sticking out of your braid, you can easily tuck them in using your cute and colourful bobby pins.


Make your curls last longer

Make your curls last longer

After you've released a section of hair from your curling iron, immediately roll the strand back up and pin it against your head. Once you've pinned all the sections up, wait for them to cool to room temperature and then remove all the pins. This technique will help your curls from falling flat right after you've curled them.

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