Hair Accessories—A Summer Hair Trend Team Bb Will Be Sporting This Season

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Hair accessories—a summer hair trend team BB will be sporting this season

From delicate hair slides and pins to chunky pins and scarves; hair accessories have taken the fashion world by storm. From runways to street style, hair accessories are literally everywhere! These accessories come in a lot of different shapes and sizes and are perfect for when you want to break the monotony of your usual hairstyles and give it an extra edge.

The Internet is full of websites that sell super chic hair accessories that are sure to make you swoon. From Shein to Pipabella, there is a hair accessory available for each preference and budget.

Below, we have listed down our favourite hair accessories that are ideal for all hair lengths...


Hair sliders


Literally the easiest piece to style, hair sliders can be styled to look extremely dainty or edgy, depending on your personal style and preferences. The best part about hair sliders is that they can be worn irrespective of your hair length or type.


Hair bands


If you think cute hair bands are very school-girl, then let us prove you wrong. Hair bands look extremely classy and can be paired with various outfits if picked carefully. You can pick something with pearls or studs for extra drama.


Dainty hair pins


Bored of the regular pins you use to style your hair? Try these super dainty looking ones that make the perfect style statement. Available in various shapes, these hair pins help keep your hair in place and can be dressed up down depending on the look you’re trying to achieve.




From running errands to airport looks, headbands are the perfect accessories to ace the athleisure look. This hair accessory is an ideal pick for a relaxed yet stylish look.




Nothing screams summer like a good, old, floral printed scarf. Tie it around your bun or wrap it around your pony to look summer-ready instantly. The best part is that this hairstyle looks effortless for both formal and causal events.

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