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Written by Chandni GhoshMar 14, 2019

Much like your skin, your hair too deserves special attention. From the right diet to using the appropriate products, several factors play a pivotal role in giving you the hair of your dreams. Want to get an insight into how you can achieve healthy hair? Ask yourself these questions and get healthy hair tips here...


Are you working out?

If you’ve always wondered how to get healthy hair, here's our first tip: You need to ensure you exercise regularly. Surprised? Well, little did you know that working out can be your route to achieving healthy hair. This is because when you sweat from your scalp, it unclogs hair follicles and gives space for new hair to grow. Moreover, exercising also increases blood flow to your scalp, which means more oxygen flow as well. This, in turn, provides nourishment to your roots, resulting in stronger hair.


Are you stressed?

If you’ve been losing hair or hav* too many bad hair days, it’s about time you questioned your stress levels. This is because when you are stressed, your body produces a stress hormone called cortisol. This has a direct impact on your hair in the form of breakage or lifelessness. So for the sake of your hair, make sure you de-stress. It could be something as simple as taking two vacations a year or telling your boss that you’re overexerting at work and opting to balance your work schedule with ample time to relax.


Are you using the right products?

One of the biggest solutions to happy hair is ensuring that you are using the right products for your hair. We suggest you go for a shampoo and conditioner that pertains to your hair concern. Get a moisturising shampoo if you have dry hair or an anti-dandruff shampoo if you are dealing with danduff. The right shampoo will treat your hair woes and give you healthy mane.


Are you eating clean?

Remember the old adage, you are what you eat? What you consume has a direct impact on your looks including your hair. Make sure you have the right food for healthy hair that includes a diet rich in iron, zinc, Omega-3 fatty acids and proteins that stimulate hair follicle growth, thereby giving you healthy hair.


Are you treating it right?

When you leave your hair loose while sleeping, it means there are major chances of your hair getting tangled and breaking. This is why you must tie a loose braid before hitting bed so your hair doesn’t suffer as you sleep.

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