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Every girl who is a beauty enthusiast has colored or thought of going for a burgundy hair color at some point in her life. This dark wine red is a gorgeous and timeless shade that you should try at least once. Because why not? And, it suits every Indian skin tone so well. Well, it’s time you swap your hair color and commit to this beautiful trend. Not sure how? We’ve rounded up a bunch of styles, from subtle ones to downright dramatic, for you to turn the heat up this festive season.  


Burgundy Hair Color Trend: The Basics

Burgundy color

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If there is one hair color that looks great on Indian skin tone, shows up on black hair without the pre-lightening and bleaching and all that jazz and packs a punch in your hair makeover journey, it has to be the burgundy color.  

For those of you who are looking to switch up your hair color to something glitzy and festive-appropriate without going for something too dramatic, then you definitely need to give this hair color trend a try. A perfect cross between dark red and purple, burgundy is one color that looks striking without appearing too over the top.  

A Closer Look at The Burgundy Hair Color Trend 


1. Global Bright Burgundy

Burgundy color

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If you are in the mood for some serious hair experiment or makeover, then you must definitely consider getting this light burgundy hair color. The bright global look with red undertones works really well on Indian skin tones and is a great way to make your hair stand out.  

And if you are worried about it fading too soon, we’ve got you on that front too. To maintain your hairstyle, use the TRESemmé Pro Protect Sulphate Free Shampoo and Conditioner. If coloring dries your hair, this sulphate and paraben-free combo makes sure that it is gentle on your tresses. It is also made keeping colored hair in mind, which is why it uses Morocco’s liquid gold -- argan oil to make sure your hair color lasts as long as possible. Get soft and smooth hair while also sporting your burgundy color at the same time.


2. Muted Global Hair Color

Burgundy color

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Looking for an understated yet glamorous hair color option that would also work beautifully on mature women? Well, look no further than this dark burgundy hair color! We love the subtle burgundy highlights paired with a global warm-toned chocolate brown color to exude sophistication and understated confidence.  


3. Black Cherry Highlights

Burgundy color

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This is the perfect hair color for those of you looking to keep things natural but still want that added oomph. Ideal for all Indian skin tones, this subtle hair color would look super striking under natural sunlight and make you look ethereal.  

Pro tip - For those cherry-tinted strands to shine, coat them with a hair serum. The drier your hair, the rougher it will look with fewer chances for your favourite color to shine through. After every hair wash, apply a few drops of the TRESemmé Moisture Boost Hair Serum With Hyaluronic Acid to damp hair from mid-lengths to the ends. While it is paraben-free, it uses the water-retaining hyaluronic acid to keep your dyed tresses hydrated and soft to give your hair a salon-like finish.  


4. Deep Burgundy Balayage Hair Color

Burgundy color

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If you have always wanted to try a magenta look but were not too sure if this vibrant shade suited you, opt for this deep burgundy balayage hair color. It offers a quick way to brighten up your complexion and add a fun, youthful element to your look without looking too punk. We love how transitional this color looks and the best part is that the neutral shade looks great on both warm and cool-toned skin.  


5. Vibrant Purple Undertones

Burgundy color

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Short hair provides the perfect canvas for experimental hair colors, don’t you think? This stunning burgundy hair color with cool purple undertones would beautifully reflect light to make your hair appear super glossy and shiny.  


6. Dipped Tips

Burgundy color

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Another way to embrace the burgundy color trend is by opting for the tried and tested dip-dye technique. Dark red-colored hair tips always look incredibly badass and chic. Plus, you can just chop it off when you’re bored. Win-win!  


7. Throw in Some ‘Other’ Shade

Burgundy color

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Why pick one shade when you can pick two (or even three)? Choose a shade of burgundy, a lighter shade of your original hair color and coral to dye your tresses. Believe us, this mix of coral, brown and burgundy color highlights looks oh-so-stunning.  

FAQs about Burgundy Hair Color Trend   

Q1. Which burgundy color suits which skin tone?  

Cooler burgundy with hints of purple looks good on those skin tones that have cooler undertones like a pinkish hue. If you have warmer undertones like deep peach or yellow, go for warmer burgundy color shades that are more on the sides of red and brown.  

Q2. What color does burgundy fade to?  

Good news – since you don’t have to bleach your hair, burgundy doesn’t fade into a lighter color. It will mostly fade to a deep violet or a reddish hue.  

Q3. Does burgundy hair need bleach?  

Pre-lightening your hair depends on the shade you want. Most burgundy shades work on dark hair without the need to bleach it. But if you want a bright burgundy almost bordering on red or pink, you may need to bleach your hair.  

There you have it! If you want to experiment with your hair but are scared of how it will look, jump on the burgundy hair color trend now.