11 Shades Of Burgundy Hair Colour That Are Perfect For Indian Skin Tones

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
11 shades of burgundy hair colour that are perfect for Indian skin tones

Ask true brunettes and they will confirm - burgundy hair colour is the perfect shade for their natural, warm hair. Technically, burgundy is a deep red shade that derives its name from the Burgundy wine region of France. But when it comes to transferring the colour to your mane, the shade tends to lean more to the violet or purple hue. A blend of red and blue makes the perfect definition for a variety of burgundy hair colours. What makes this bold shade so desirable is that they can instantly liven up your hair colour, look fabulous in any light and add depth to darker hair colours - making them look fuller and much more voluminous. Especially for Indian skin tones (and hair), these trendy burgundy shades can be a good way to add some much needed gloss and glam to dull, tired looking colour. We picked some of the trendiest burgundy hair colours you can try right now, check them out!


1. Deep purple burgundy

FAQs about burgundy hair colour

Image courtesy: @hair.byabby

A blend of deep purple burgundy with dark hair can give your mane a nice ‘lifted’ effect. The rich hue can either be opted for a global dye job or painted as lowlights on jet black hair. The shade also happens to be a versatile one, as you can easily transition it in-between seasons - it looks lovely any time of the year!


2. Mulled red burgundy

FAQs about burgundy hair colour

Image courtesy: @samxpaulsen

Perfect for cool skin tones, this intense mulled wine dye job is all kinds of warm, and looks striking under any light. A colour that can transform your dark mane, this statement hue is perfect for anyone looking for a colour makeover. There is nothing subtle about this and looks fabulous with curly or wavy hair.


3. Cool violet burgundy

FAQs about burgundy hair colour

Image courtesy: @pravanaindonesia

Burgundy hair colours need varying levels of lifting in order to show up on dark hair. With this cold violet shade, you are looking at least a level 7 lifting, but the result is absolutely stunning. A very youthful tint, this is a good shade for dark-haired ‘tweens’ looking for a fun colour, while keeping it classy at the same time. Demi-permanent hair dyes are a good option for this stand-out shade, they wash out after 2 4 shampoos and fade in a much more attractive way.


4. Fall burgundy balayage

FAQs about burgundy hair colour

Image courtesy: @lehairsalonaz

Traditionally, freehand balayages are created with lighter hues like blonde and caramel, but the technique has been adopted for rich, darker colours as well. A mix of fall-inspired auburn, with violet undertones, this gorgeous balayage is a great option for someone looking for a natural-looking dye job. We bet the colour will look stunning with all of your adorable winter staples as well.


5. Bright scarlet burgundy

FAQs about burgundy hair colour

Image courtesy: @gohardhairdesigner

A fun and flirty colour, this scarlet hue is a brighter alternative to more subdued shades of burgundy. Trust us when we say that this one is not for the faint-hearted and can be worn as highlights or balayage with darker shadow roots. Make sure you are ready for the upkeep it takes to turn into a redhead; stock up on some toning shampoos and conditioners after you are done with this appointment!


6. Metallic lavender burgundy

FAQs about burgundy hair colour

Image courtesy: @carolinewiedmann

Whoever said that burgundy is boring needs a serious re-checking of facts! With the popularity of quirky colours like pastel and platinum blondes, the need for experimentation has also gone up. The metallic lavender hue is a right mix of soft purple and strong, dark roots. It is trendy and definitely worth a try if you are looking to do something crazy with your hair. FYI, this colour will take a considerable amount of bleaching, so make sure you have weighed the pros and cons before getting this one!


7. Red velvet burgundy

FAQs about burgundy hair colour

Image courtesy: @dylan_kitchen_

As delicious to look as its namesake dessert is to eat, the dark red velvet tint is the closest you will get to going traditionally burgundy. The bright, cool undertones of this shade will look lovely with warmer skin undertones, creating a fun, contradictory effect on your complexion. While this balayage is undoubtedly beautiful, you can opt for red velvet for a root-to-tip global colour as well.


8. Black cherry burgundy

FAQs about burgundy hair colour

Image courtesy: @hairbylj__

The subtlest version of burgundy on this list, this black cherry shade is perfect for someone who doesn't want a colour that is too intense or bright. If you feel the colour might not show up on your super dark hair, add some chocolate or dark brown accents to the colour to make it pop a bit more.


9. Aubergine purple ombré

FAQs about burgundy hair colour

Image courtesy: @estudio26salon

Yet another fun and quirky version of burgundy colours, mix aubergine (eggplant) hues with purple ombré to create a fabulous ‘mermaid hair’ moment. The combination will satisfy your need for a crazy colour, while still adding some depth with the deep, rich tint of aubergine in your mane.


10. Berry burgundy highlights

FAQs about burgundy hair colour

Image courtesy: @christine_salon_jakarta

One of the reasons why the balayage highlighting technique has gained such momentum is because the result is a natural-looking, modern and soft mane with no harsh regrowth lines. But if you are still set on getting highlights, this berry burgundy shade is perfect to keep things stylish still - the stripes of berry tints look charming when compared to lighter hair colours.


11. Maroon chocolate burgundy

FAQs about burgundy hair colour

Image courtesy: @alissaerin_hair

A list of burgundy hair colours will be incomplete without a mention of the magical maroon! Mixed with the yummy shade of chocolate brown at the roots, this dark and rich tint is super classy and chic. A hair colour that will turn full on crimson under the sun, this shade will help instantly warm up pale complexions.


FAQs about burgundy hair colour

FAQs about burgundy hair colour

Image courtesy: @cheyennedoeshair_

1) What does burgundy hair colour fade into?

A. While choosing the right hair colour, it is very important to consider not just what it will look like freshly out of the salon chair, but also how it will fade. With burgundy colours, the tones fade into violet or purple hues. There might be a slight variation according to the kind of dye you use (permanent or semi-permanent), but all of them fade into some shade of violet.

2) Is burgundy natural hair colour?

A. Unlike its variants of copper-toned red or mahogany, burgundy itself is not a natural hair colour. Especially for darker hair colours, it is not possible to have the violet or purple undertones in their hair naturally.

3) Can you use purple/blue shampoos on burgundy hair?

A. Purple/ blue hair toning shampoos and conditioners are often used to either add vibrancy or fade your existing hair dye. In the case of burgundy hair, these shampoos can help neutralise unwanted tones and add vibrancy to the red undertones of your hair. You can switch your regular hair care staples with these toning products once a week when you start to notice the colour fading.

4)  Is burgundy a cool or warm colour?

A. The undertone of burgundy largely depends on how the colour has been mixed. For instance, if you mix the primarily cool purple with red, the burgundy generated will have a cool undertone. Similarly, if you mix the primarily warm brown with red and generate a maroon burgundy, it will have a warm undertone. Depending on what kind of undertone of burgundy your want for your hair, your stylist can recommend the proper mix of tints for the same.

5)  Will burgundy hair colour show on brown hair?

A. The final result of a burgundy shade on brown hair depends on how dark the base colour is. For instance, light brown to medium brown hair can show a lovely burgundy shade, but it might get lost in dark brown hair. Consult your stylist on the level of lift your hair needs for the burgundy to show, so that the hair dyeing appointment doesn’t go to waste.

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