5 Burgundy Hair Shades That Are So In Vogue Rn

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
5 burgundy hair shades that are so in vogue RN

Regarded as one of the most versatile hair colours, burgundy suits all skin tones and has a variety of shades to pick from. This colour works wonders for brunettes since it is the easiest hair colour to develop and maintain because the brown, red and deep purple undertones of burgundy bond well with darker hair colours.

If you’re planning for a burgundy colour fix as well, here are some of the trendiest shades RN!


01. Dark brown plum

05. A touch of cocoa!

Image courtesy: @belleza.con.esperanza

For hair that is already brown, adding this deep plum shade can warm up the undertone and add some life to dull looking hair. The sleek finish of this shade is perfect for anyone looking for a subtle global colour without necessarily having to commit to a big change.


02.Vivid rose

05. A touch of cocoa!

Image courtesy: @sheerjoyexperience

Pastel hair is the trend that came out of the world spending months in quarantine and is still running pretty hot. To keep your go-to pastel shade in the scope of burgundy, go for the purple undertone in the rose plum shade instead of a red one.


03.Velvety wine

05. A touch of cocoa!

Image courtesy: @kor_salon

This wine-hued burgundy hair colour is so rich. The touch of deep red looks absolutely stunning. This borderline balayage combines a natural brunette base with a pretty tint — adding brownie points for anyone with beautiful brown eyes.


04.Classic ruby

05. A touch of cocoa!

Image courtesy: @jacobhair

Let’s accept it: red hair colour is oh-so-versatile. If you have wheatish or dusky skin tone, believe us when we say this colour is going to look bomb.com on you. It also happens to be got-to for someone looking for a bold yet chic hair transformation.


05. A touch of cocoa!

05. A touch of cocoa!

Image courtesy: @taylor_mhair

Chocolate hued burgundy is the most subtle colour on this list, but still holds its ground in front of the other more vibrant and loud ones! The lovely rustic shades painted on a subtle balayage that is lighter near the ends is a touch of hairstyling genius we love to spot!

Main image courtesy: @vanessahudgens

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