Right from the roots to the tips, each part of your hair requires to be treated differently to ensure overall health and shine. When it comes to using hair care products, most of us only concentrate on the hair at the scalp and mid-shaft. The tips of your tresses hardly ever receive any care or attention, this leads to dry hair ends and split ends. It is not the most pretty sight, damaged ends can ruin the best of hairstyles and hamper the growth of your hair too.

There are many reasons why you might be experiencing dry hair ends. It could be a result of overuse of styling tools or colour treating it too often. Whatever may be the reason, it can be corrected without spending on expensive treatments at the salon. Unless your hair is damaged beyond repair, due to some irreversible process, in which case cutting it will be your only option. If you think you haven’t reached that stage yet and there’s still hope for your hair to recover, then we are here to help. What your hair needs is patience, tons of moisture and lots of TLC. Keep scrolling to discover tips for dry hair ends.


Causes of dry ends

Causes of dry ends

There are plenty of reasons why you have dry hair ends. From using the wrong hair care products to a lack of moisturising ingredients in your routine, anything could be the culprit behind it. Lucky for you, there are some easy ways to nurse it back to health.


How to treat dry hair ends?

How to treat dry hair ends?

Now that you know the causes of dry hair ends let's take a look at how to repair dry ends below. These hair care tips will ensure the ends of your hair look as healthy as the rest of your strands.

1. Moisturise your ends

Moisturise your ends

All the moisturising products in your hair care routine like oil and conditioner should be applied on the ends. The ends are farthest from your scalp, which means they receive nourishment at the very end, if at all. The natural oils from your scalp are only able to condition upto the mid-level, this leaves you with dry hair ends. If left untreated, this then turns into split ends, which are far more difficult to treat. When massaging your hair with oil, take a good amount of oil and apply it to your ends to give it nourishment. Follow the same rule while applying conditioner after shampooing.

2. Get regular trims

Get regular trims

Getting your hair regularly trimmed is super important to maintain healthy and gorgeous hair. Even if you intend to grow it long, make sure you trim a few inches every few weeks. This will get rid of dry hair ends, split ends and maintain your current haircut. Once the damaged ends are cut off, the natural growth of your hair will also resume, resulting in healthy and longer locks. So, if it's been a few months since your last visit to the salon, now is a good time to pick up your phone and get an appointment.

3. Reduce heat styling

Reduce heat styling

It may be tempting to have the same, perfect-looking hairstyle everyday. However, in order to achieve that perfect hairstyle, you need a lot of hair styling tools and products. The heat from these tools is not good for your fragile hair, especially the ends which are the weakest. Regular exposure to heat can damage it and leave you with dry hair ends. Therefore, reduce the use of heat styling tools and embrace the natural texture of your hair. Only use them when absolutely necessary and that too after spraying a heat protectant. It will shield your hair from direct heat and prevent damage.

4. Avoid daily shampooing

Avoid daily shampooing

Sure, living in the city means your hair collects a lot of dirt and dust particles everyday. That, mixed with sweat and oil from your scalp can leave your hair feeling dirty. But this habit of washing your hair every day and keeping it super clean can actually be bad for your hair and scalp. This can dry out your scalp which will then make your ends drier because the natural oils from your scalp will never be able to reach the tips. Depending on how active your lifestyle is, you can shampoo every alternate day or after every two days to get healthy and shiny hair.

5. Do not rub your hair with a towel

Do not rub your hair with a towel

No matter how late you’re getting or how thick your hair is, vigorously rubbing it against a towel is not going to help. The right way and the only way you should be removing excess water from your hair is by placing a cotton towel or t-shirt over sections of hair and squeezing it. This way the fabric will absorb all the excess water without being harsh on your fragile locks. Rubbing your hair against the towel will only damage your tresses which are weak right after washing. It will lead to dry ends, breakage and even hair fall in some cases. After this, allow your hair to air dry naturally and once it is about 70% dry, use a hairdryer, and finish with a blast of cool air.

6. Indulge in repairing masks

Indulge in repairing masks

There are more than enough products for every hair problem that exists. In fact, there are so many products for each problem that you will be spoilt for choice. Just like face masks, hair masks should be a vital part of every hair care routine. While face masks can be hydrating or oil-absorbing, hair masks are generally moisturising and repairing. They are infused with super nourishing ingredients like argan oil, macadamia oil or keratin to put the lost moisture back into your hair, repair and restore it back to its original healthy form. Applying a hair mask at least once a week no matter what your hair type or texture, will address the problem of dry hair ends and give it a new and healthy look.

7. Lock the moisture into your hair

Lock the moisture into your hair

As much as applying moisturising products to your hair is important, it is equally necessary to ensure that it retains in your hair. When you apply products like hair masks, oils or conditioners, cover it with a shower cap or plastic wrap. This will create heat underneath and ensure the cuticle opens up so the products can penetrate deeper. This is a sure shot way of sealing hydration into the hair strands and nourishing it from roots to tips. Doing this just for 10 minutes twice a week can transform the health of your hair and repair dry hair ends.

8. Make serum your best friend

Make serum your best friend

Serums both for skin and hair are packed with potent ingredients that tackle problems and give it a healthy look. Hair serums contain nourishing ingredients, and when applied to the hair, they moisturise it and also form a protective shield. This guards your hair from external damage like UV rays and pollutants that often cause dryness.


FAQs about dry hair ends

FAQs about dry hair ends

1) Why is my hair dry at the ends?

A. Dry hair ends is a sign of lack of nourishment. It shows that the natural oils from your scalp are not reaching the ends. This calls for external nourishment in the form of oils, conditioners and hair masks.

2) How do you fix dry ends without cutting the hair?

A. If you’ve recently cut your hair and the ends still look dry and brittle, it means you need to give it some deep conditioning. You do not necessarily have to spend a bomb at the salon, you can invest in a repairing hair mask and apply it to your hair once a week focusing on the ends.

3) What does damaged hair look like?

A. Damaged hair lacks shine, it is brittle at the end and is fragile. Any pressure can result in breakage. It has a straw-like appearance and may have a lot of split ends. With the right hair care habits and products, damaged hair can be treated.