Frizziness, flyaways and static hair are some of the most common hair problems. They can ruin good hair days and make your hair look like a bird’s nest. Not to forget, static can make your hair get stuck in your lashes, mess up your lip gloss and ruin that hairstyle you woke up so early to ace. Static hair is a common winter problem, the scientific reason behind it is the drop in moisture levels accompanied by dry air. This combination charges hair up with electricity and leads to the annoying winter hair problem we’re here to talk about.

Girls with fine hair can have a hard time dealing with static. If you are someone with fine hair, we understand your ordeal, which is why we thought of coming up with ways to get rid of this annoying winter hair issue. To ensure you have more good hair days and less static-y hair, all you need to do is follow some simple hair care tips. Plus, include some hair care products, like conditioners, into your routine as it can restore the hair’s normal charge and prevent static. But first let’s take a look at all the problems that static hair causes.


What problems does static hair cause?

What problems does static hair cause?


How to get rid of static hair?

How to get rid of static hair?

Static hair can be pretty annoying, it makes your hair frizzy, dry and difficult to manage. But with the tips mentioned below and some extra care, you can get rid of static hair effectively.

1. Use a moisturising shampoo

Use a moisturising shampoo

The best way to fight frizz is by keeping your hair hydrated. Most shampoos contain SLS that cleanses dirt, impurities and natural oils from your scalp. But these natural oils are necessary for keeping your hair nourished. This is why you experience dry and static hair. To prevent this, you should invest in a moisturising shampoo. Those with argan oil, olive oil, keratin or other nourishing ingredients are appropriate to get rid of static hair. This way, your shampoo will do its job of cleansing without leaving your mane thirsty for some moisture. Avoid using too much shampoo, depending on your hair length and texture two teaspoons full should be enough.

2. Always use conditioner

Always use conditioner

Skipping conditioner is similar to skipping sunscreen. Both are essentials and their usage does not depend on the season. The surfactants in your shampoo that cleanse your hair also charge it during the process, conditioners are designed to counteract that. Apart from adding shine, softness and making hair more manageable, conditioners fight frizz and prevent static hair. Therefore, it is vital that you never skip the conditioner after washing your tresses. It is also advised to use conditioner from the same range as your shampoo, as they will work together to give you healthy, shiny and lustrous hair.

3. Apply a deep conditioning mask

Apply a deep conditioning mask

If you have dry hair or if it's damaged, simply conditioning it won’t help. Conditioners sit on your hair for about two to three minutes and there’s only so much it can do within that time. For deeper conditioning from roots to tips, it is important to go for a conditioning treatment or apply a mask. The latter is more doable and less expensive. Depending on your hair type and the level of damage, you can apply the hair mask at least once a week. This will add shine and softness as well as prevent frizz and static hair.

4. Use leave-in conditioners

Use leave-in conditioners

A leave-in conditioner does more than just make your hair shiny and more manageable. Applying this hair care product on alternate days forms a coating on your hair that prevents external aggressors like the harsh rays of the sun in summer and the cold air in winter from damaging your tresses. In fact, it is a good idea to carry a bottle in your bag, pour a small amount in your palm and run your fingers through your hair. The moisture-packed product will prevent your hair from getting electrically charged, thereby preventing static hair and other problems like frizz and flyaways.

5. Avoid products with harsh ingredients

Avoid products with harsh ingredients

It is not possible to know every ingredient in your hair care products, after all, you are no expert. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t educate yourself about a few. Learning which ingredients are bad for your hair can actually save you from problems like dryness, brittle hair, hair fall, static hair and more. If you have naturally dry hair, stay away from shampoos that contain sulphates and products that have harsh ingredients like alcohol. Some forms of alcohol can have a drying effect on your hair and leave it brittle and lifeless. So, the next time you end up in the hair care aisle, remember to check the label.

6. Shampoo less often

Shampoo less often

Everyday shampooing with even a mild shampoo can be drying for your tresses, especially if you have fine or curly hair. Unlike your body, your hair should not be washed everyday. The natural oils from your scalp do not get enough time to reach the lengths or tips, this makes it frizzy and prone to static hair. In winter you can wash your hair twice a week and no one will know. As you sweat less, your hair won’t look greasy or oily. And on days when it does look a bit oily, there’s always dry shampoo!

7. Reduce heat styling

Reduce heat styling

Heat styling can damage your hair by draining every bit of moisture from it. This is why experts recommend using heat styling sparingly, especially if your hair is dry or thinning. Those with coloured hair should also use styling tools carefully as it can damage their hair as well as cause discoloration. Use of these tools can also charge your hair and make it prone to static. If you absolutely have to use a heat styling tool for a special occasion, make sure you spray some heat protectant on your hair before using them to prevent loss of shine, damage and static hair.

8. Avoid plastic combs

Avoid plastic combs

If you played with balloons as a kid you’d know what rubbing it on your hair does. It makes your hair become electrically charged and causes it to stand up. Using plastic combs and brushes have a similar effect and leads to static hair. Therefore, if you want to avoid it, we suggest investing in boar-bristle brushes and wooden combs. In fact, these types of brushes and combs are quite gentle on your hair and do not cause pulling and tugging that is often the case with plastic. This is a smart and quick way to get rid of static hair.

9. Opt for microfiber towels or t-shirts to dry your hair

Opt for microfiber towels or t-shirts to dry your hair

Out of sheer habit, you may always wrap the same towel you used to dry your body post-shower. But experts recommend breaking this habit for the health of your hair. Hair is at its weakest post showering and it deserves gentle handling at this stage to stay strong and healthy. Rubbing it aggressively with a towel will not only cause breakage and frizz but will also lead to static hair. Instead, squeeze it with a microfiber towel or t-shirt to get rid of excess water and then let it air dry naturally. This one habit can save you from a lot of hair troubles and improve hair health.

10. Swap your headgear

Swap your headgear

If you wear any headgear like scarves, hats or headbands, make sure they are made of cotton, silk or wool. These fabrics don’t hold electrical charges the way synthetic fibers do. Nylon and polyester should be avoided at all costs if you want to get rid of static hair.