5 Factors That Cause Hair Damage

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
5 factors that cause hair damage

If you don’t remember the last time you had a good hair day, you hair might be in some serious trouble. Your hair bears the brunt of everything you put it through, thus resulting in brittle, lifeless tresses that are rough to touch. While the process of reversing this damage is slow, you can start preventing hair damage by determining the factors that contribute to hair damage.

We have listed a few for you below. Take note…



Hard Water

Pollution is one of the major contributors of damaged hair, especially when you live in a metropolitan city. Smoke and pollutants settle in your hair and scalp causing dryness and itchiness. Wash your hair regularly and use precautions during festivals like Diwali when the pollution levels are 3-5 times higher.


Over Washing

Hard Water

While regular washing is important, don’t over wash your hair. Over washing removes natural oils from the scalp and make hair look dry and brittle. Instead use a mild yet effective shampoo thrice a week that will protect your hair from the daily wear and tear.



Hard Water

We all love winters, don’t we? But the cold breeze and dry weather can wreak havoc for your hair. The constant change in temperature causes severe moisture loss making your hair rely on external conditioning.


Heat Styling

Hard Water

Hair that is constantly exposed to styling tools tends to become weak and rough over time. Cranking the temperature up will surely dry your hair faster but will also take make hair extremely brittle.


Hard Water

Hard Water

Hard water has higher mineral content, especially calcium and magnesium as compared to soft water. After frequent washes hard water may leave a soap film on your hair and block the entrance of moisture in hair. When the natural moisture entrance is blocked your hair will look lifeless.

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