Top Shampoos For Oily Hair And Scalp In 2022

Written by Anushka ShahOct 24, 2022
Top Shampoos for Oily Hair and Scalp in 2022

Give your greasy locks the attention, care and love they deserve by investing in a shampoo for oily hair. Made especially to suit your strands, we’ve recommended our fav picks!

Top Shampoos for Oily Hair & Scalp: The Basics  

Hey there greasy haired girls, if your oil-laden strands are not seeming to leave you and our injecting their drama into every aspect of your life, it’s now time to snap out of it. And by that we don’t mean conceal your oily scalp with a cap or use loads of dry shampoo, we’re talking about rectifying the situation at the root; use the right shampoo for oily hair and scalp. And while you may think and believe, the shampoo you currently use is good for your locks, reconsider it by asking yourself, “does it really curb that oily drama?“ and if the answer is no, we’re here with the best tricks, tips and oily hair care solutions in town. So, get your notepad and online shopping cart ready.  

What are Benefits of Using Shampoos for Oily Hair & Scalp?  

Experts recommend washing hair two to three times a week because shampooing daily can lead to dry, brittle and unhealthy hair. So, if you’re drenching your locks in water and shampoo everyday, it’s time to rethink that chemical heavy decision for its impact can be long standing. To do the right thing for your mane and give that wowing look, you need to look for anti-greasy shampoo that gives that gloss and bounce that lasts and doesn’t dampen overnight. To help you get your hands on a shampoo that does what it says below is what you should keep an eye out for — after all, this is how you can keep the grease at bay and compliments close. 

Tip #1: Avoid nourishing formulas   

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While picking a shampoo for oily hair, ensure that the potion shouldn’t be loaded  with oils or other nourishing ingredients. And while they may be great for brittle and dry hair types, to your oily locks, they will only make matters worse. To say, these moisturising elements will add excess moisture to your scalp, making it oilier and greasier. I mean, who wants a wash to only worsen the situation! So, pick a shampoo that contains detoxifying ingredients instead. Making this choice will leave you with a fuller feeling and luscious locks! So, cut to the mane character chase and be mindful of how you shop.  

Tip #2: Pick Volumising or Balancing Shampoos  

shampoo for oily hair brown hair long wash tresemme

If you’re heading towards the racks, look for shampoo for oily hair as they are a literal gamechanger for someone like you. Although simple, most of us often overlook the smaller deets or the main label (guilty!) If you happen to keep an eye out and spot the keywords ‘volumising’ or ‘balancing’ - just know that this shampoo is on the shelves to be your BFF. These shampoos are perfect for those with an oily scalp as they won’t add extra moisture to the scalp and remove excess sebum. Effortlessly tracking the excess oil, add volume at the root and give your mane a lifted appearance. So much so, you could probably ditch the blowdry altogether.  

Tip #3: Say no to Sulphates  

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We all know, in the world of haircare, the S world…sulphates is not welcomed. And the same goes while picking a shampoo for oily hair. Shampoos that contain more natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals ( we mean, sulphates) are excellent for anyone with an oily scalp. Sulphates can cause a pH imbalance on your scalp and lead to an increase in sebum production - leading to a quick greasy scalp. To avoid this, opt for the natural mixtures - after all, they really do come with that feel good factor! 

Tip #4: Try two shampoos  

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Sometimes, using two different shampoos for oily hair can also be beneficial, especially if you are dealing with an oily scalp and dry ends. You can either use two different shampoos — one on the scalp and another on the lengths or alternate between the two variants. This way, your scalp won’t look oily, and your tips won’t appear dry too. And yes, ladies - that is literally how you get the best of both worlds. 

Now that we’ve thrown light on the MVPs of the shampoo for oily hair game, it’s time for us to tell you about the specific products. So, don’t have to go hunting and asking - just simply select and plop into your cart. Scroll down for the deets!

Best Shampoos for Oily Hair & Scalp? 

shampoo for oily hair brown hair long wash tresemme

Simply the unmatched in the business 

1. Love Beauty Planet’s Tea Tree & Vetiver Scalp Refresh  Shampoo 

shampoo for oily hair brown hair long wash tresemme

Purifying, detoxifying and cleansing, this shampoo for oily hair; Love Beauty Planet’s Tea Tree & Vetiver Scalp Refresh Shampoo is a no-brainer purchase. Home to tea tree oil and vetiver aroma radical refresher, this hairfood does it all to give you that compliment-worthy hair. Moreover, it doesn’t only do the beauty bit but also energises your strands and leaves them with the tantalising scent of refined vetiver. Also, it doesn’t bring its rich texture or lather from sulphates for it’s totally guilt-free. We’re talking, no parabens, no silicones or dyes - just 100% authenticity and results.  

2. Indulekha Bringha Shampoo 

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Don’t panic, it’s organic. When you know something is loaded with the brilliance of ayurveda, you can obviously fall back on it. This is where one of the unfailing shampoos for oily hair comes into picture; Indulekha’s Bringha Shampoo. Known far and wide, for transforming women’s hair game, this unscented potion is made with the Power of 6 Herbs and Essential Oil and also contains 9 Full Bringharaj Plant Extracts. Full of all things spectacular, this absorbs the oil off your scalp and restores your natural and healthy bounce! Giving you that heatless shine, that makes heads turn, we’re a fan of this product and can’t help but recommend it.  

3. TRESemme Detox and Restore Shampoo 

shampoo for oily hair brown hair long wash tresemme

Crafted with precision, this shampoo for oily; TRESemme Detox and Restore Shampoo hair gently purifies hair from daily residue build up. Taking away all the gunk and dirt, it leaves each strand squeaky clean and shiny. Plus, the formula is a generous botanical blend of ginseng and neem; two fab ingredients for that refreshing and deep cleaning process. Especially formulated for Indian hair & suitable for use with oil treatments, this shampoo manages our most pressing problem; frizz for up to 24 hours. So, ladies, wash your hair with treaty shampoo and witness parlour-like locks in just a few washes! I’m already headed to get my hands on the shampoo for oily hair - what about you? 

FAQs about Top Shampoos for Oily Hair and Scalp in 2022 

Q1 How can I change my diet to reduce my scalp’s oiliness?  

A1 You can include foods in your diet that are rich in Vitamin B; namely, vitamin B12 and B6. These viatmins help proactively in reducing the scalp’s sebum production and hence, delay your wash days. So, the next time you’re reconsidering an extra serving of vegetables or pulses, do it for the benefits show up in a plethora of ways.  

Q2 What’s the best temprory way to cover/fix greasy hair?  

A2 Well, the last resort and the first name on our list has to be dry shampoo. However, if you don’t have this saviour, you can also opt for powder – it instantly soaks up the oil. And if you’re not into adding any products, just wear a hat. This looks like a style accessory and also covers all that greasiness and flatness! Thank us later.  

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