5 Haircuts That Girls With Long Hair Will Love

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
5 haircuts that girls with long hair will love

Kudos to you for growing your hair super long and taking good care of it! Giving your mane a proper TLC, religiously following a hair care regime and waiting an eternity is certainly not easy. Most days you are pleased and flaunt your long locks with aplomb, but then there are days when you get bored of it and want to switch up your look. Girl, you’re not alone.

If you’re in search of a look-altering haircut that gives you a quick and stunning makeover without chopping much of your precious hair, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up five pretty haircuts for long hair that switch up your look without compromising much on the length.

5 stunning haircuts for girls with long hair

Layered hair

Get some textured layers in your hair to amp up the volume and play up your look. Bonus? You still get to keep your enviable hair length and almost every hairstyle looks good with this haircut. If you have straight hair, then this one’s just perfect for you as the layers give your mane texture and makes it look voluminous.

5 stunning haircuts for girls with long hair

Fringe fever

Don’t want to cut off your locks even an inch? Then don’t! Get fringes instead and completely transform your look without chopping your hair off. Bangs look fab with long hair and make it far from boring. Plus, it adds a cuteness factor to all your go-to hairstyles - be it braids, buns or ponytail. You can pick from wispy, choppy, curtain, or parted bangs or try out baby bangs if you want a bold AF look.

5 stunning haircuts for girls with long hair

Feathered cut

Another great way to add volume and texture to your long-as-can-be mane is to get the fabulous and fun, feather haircut. It adds a lot of layers and wispy ends to your hair from the front to the back while also keeping your hair length intact. It’s a ‘my hair but better’ look you need to try if you are bored with your straight and dull hair. 

5 stunning haircuts for girls with long hair

Blunt cut

If layers aren’t your thing, try this edgy and chic straight cut for your long hair. It will take about one or two inches off your hair and that’s it. The blunt cut looks equally gorgeous on long and short mane as the sharp ends give a more defined and quirky look to your hair. This haircut is equal parts edgy and elegant and whether you have wavy or poker-straight hair, rest assured, it flatters all hair types.

5 stunning haircuts for girls with long hair

The shag

Choppy layers with chunky, tapered ends is the most coveted and hip haircut of the 90s that made a comeback and how. It gives an illusion of thicker and fuller hair at the top and narrowed and finer layers at the bottom. Might we add that it is a great haircut idea for girls with flat and fine hair? It adds volume around your face and the length is almost the same (long AF).

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