The world of beauty is ever changing and evolving. By the time you get a hair colour that’s in vogue or master a makeup technique, there are already a few more trending on the internet and waiting to be tried out. But hairstyles, especially the classic ones, never go out of style. All you gotta do is take it a notch higher by drawing inspiration from influencers and celebrities. Today, we take inspiration from our favourite Bollywood beauties. Right from different ways to braid your hair to hairstyles for medium hair, there’s never a dearth of ideas.

Many Bollywood divas chopped off their tresses recently and embraced the lob, but there are still a few who keep the length below their shoulders or longer. Medium hair is perfect, it is easy to maintain and so many different hairstyles can be achieved with this hair length. The only problem is you just can’t figure out which one to try! Allow us to make your job easier if you have medium length hair, and are tired of wearing it down all the time! Here are some celebrity-inspired hairstyles for medium hair curated specially for you!


1. Low bun

Low bun - Hairstyle for medium hair

The classic low bun can never go out of style, it goes with pretty much any outfit and is perfect for the hot summer months when you don’t want to wear your hair down. It also comes to your rescue on bad hair days. If you want to take it a level higher, draw inspiration from Malaika Arora and add a few barrettes to the side. Let loose a few locks of hair around the perimeter of your face to give it a slightly messy look. This hairstyle for medium hair is easy, gorgeous looking and always in style.


2. Messy braid

Messy braid - Hairstyle for medium hair

Braids are an inseparable part of every Indian girl’s life. The classic, sleek braid may still be our top favourite, but if you wish to make heads turn, it is essential you step out of your comfort zone and try something different such as a messy braid – the perfect hairstyle for medium hair! We love how amazing it looks on Alia Bhatt’s fine hair, so if you’ve got fine hair, don’t shy away from trying it! However, ensure you backcomb your hair before starting with this hairstyle to get volume and that carefully done ‘messy’ look.


3. Crown braid ponytail

Crown braid ponytail - Hairstyle for medium hair

Ananya Panday took festive hairstyles for medium hair to a whole new level with this never-seen-before hair look. If you are someone who always complains about not being able to find hairstyles that go with traditional outfits that are trendy, this one’s definitely for you. All you gotta do is pick a section of hair from the crown area and braid it, tie a high ponytail using the rest of your hair, add the braided hair to it and secure it with hair ties.


4. Half-up bun

Half-up bun - Hairstyle for medium hair

Half-up half-down hairstyles are so easy to create, that even if you do it without a mirror in front of you, it will still turn out perfect (okay, most of the time). Whether you are spending a relaxed day at home or dressing up for a friend’s wedding, with the right hair accessories, this hairstyle for medium length hair will work well for both occasions. If you are at home, simply grab the top half section of your hair, tie a loose bun and secure it. When going out to a wedding or a fancy event, accessorise it with a nice embellished pin or gajra.


5. Strings attached

Strings attached - Hairstyle for medium hair

Boss lady or college girl, ponytails are another versatile hairstyle for medium hair. But wearing the same look can be boring, plus you don’t have the time to try a creative hairstyle, so what do you do? You upgrade your favourite ponytail by adding a scarf, ribbon or string like Karisma Kapoor, to take it a notch higher. Team it with a solid dress or shirt and look like a million bucks. You can try this trick on a half-up half-down hairstyle too.


6. Braided bun

Braided bun - Hairstyle for medium hair

If you thought we would only suggest one look for all those traditional outfits in your wardrobe, you are wrong! Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s Instagram page is a style catalogue, right from outfits to makeup and hairstyles, you will find the latest of everything in there. So why look elsewhere for inspiration in hairstyles for medium hair? This braided bun may look like a tough job, but it isn’t. Part your hair at the centre and make a sleek classic braid. Place one hand where the braid starts and wrap the rest of the braid around to make a bun, secure with bobby pins.


7. Bright pins

Bright pins - Hairstyle for medium hair

Brighten up your day by wearing a bright or fluorescent coloured outfit with matching pins! Instant therapy! Straight, curly, fine, thick no matter what your hair texture, those pretty and bright pins will make sure you get all the attention wherever you go. Stack several on one side like Ananya Panday or secure your hair at the back using just a few. This hairstyle for medium hair won’t disappoint you, we promise!

FAQs about Hairstyle for Medium Hair:

Q. How to style medium length fine hair?

A. Before starting any hairstyle on medium hair that is fine, start by using a volumising spray or the backcombing technique. This will give your hairstyle volume and make it look slightly messy which is in trend right now.

Q. What is the best hairstyle for teenagers with medium length hair?

A. Teenagers who are in college want to experiment with their hair and are constantly looking for easy hairstyles. You can try the front twisted ponytail, half-up bun, sky-high ponytail and more!

Q. What are the best hair accessories for medium hair length?

A. This hair length is quite versatile and pretty much every accessory out there will complement your look. You can use pins, barrettes, scarves, ribbons and so much more to upgrade your look.