Who doesn’t love a nice, relaxing head massage? We know, we do! Hair spas are therapy for hair, that lets you enjoy the calming massage while also nourishing your hair and making it strong and healthy. It instantly turns your dull and damaged hair into the glossy manageable mane. Sounds hassle free and exciting?

Here is everything you need to know about hair spas and why you should get one RN...


1. Hair Spa at home, step by step

Hair Spa at home, step by step

Step 1: Shampoo

The first step is to clean your hair and scalp to get rid of dirt and dead skin cells.

Step 2: Hair mask

Based on your hair concerns and the needs of your hair, apply deep conditioning or repairing hair mask and let it stay for a few minutes. it will nourish your follicles as well as soften and add shine to frizzy hair.

Step 3: Massage

Next, massage hair gently for at least 15 minutes. This increases blood circulation and provides deep conditioning. It also ensures that the mask reaches every nook and corner of your hair and scalp.

Step 4: Steam Treatment

Steaming allows the pores to open up and absorb the product better. Therefore, steam hair for about 10-15 minutes to help the nutrients in the product lock-in and even out in scalp.  

Step 5: Wash

Lastly, wash your hair and let it air dry, using a blow dryer is not recommended post hair spa. 

Hair spa at home involves massaging the hair with warm oil, steam treatment, applying a hair mask and washing with a mild shampoo.


2. Benefits of a hair spa

Benefits of a hair spa

The benefits of a hair spa are endless. Talking about the disadvantages, if you have colour treated hair, it may fade away the colour, otherwise none.

  1. It provides deep conditioning and nourishment to roots and strengthens hair follicles
  2. It removes impurities inside pores and deep-rooted dirt and also normalizes oil secretion.
  3. Ensures dandruff free, lustrous locks.
  4. Tames frizz giving hair a smooth texture from root to tip and repairs damaged hair.
  5. It is a rehydrating therapy that not only restores natural oils and moisturizes but also revitalizes the scalp that results in natural hair rebirth.

How long it lasts

It usually lasts 15-30 days depending on the hair quality and products used. Also, the treatment and the products used in the therapy vary for every hair type and need.


3. Different types of hair spa treatments

Different types of hair spa treatments

Every woman has a different hair type, therefore her concerns and requirements will be different. There are many different types of hair spa treatments available to cater to these needs, some of them are listed below:

  • Hair spa for dandruff

This type of spa treatment focuses on nourishing and hydrating your scalp to alleviate dandruff from the scalp. It unclogs the pores, removes product build-up and gives you a cleaner scalp.

  • Hair spa for hair fall

Hair fall can be a result of stress, trauma, poor nutrition or bad hair care choices. A hair spa for hair fall will focus on increasing blood circulation in the scalp thereby promoting hair growth. Superior nourishing ingredients like protein and omega fatty acids are used in this type of hair spa.

  • Hair spa for coloured hair

Those with coloured hair will require a different type of hair spa that includes products and ingredients which nourish and repair the hair, while also protecting the colour. 

  • Hair spa for oily hair

Some women have a naturally oily and greasy scalp, this makes their hair appear flat. Opting for a hair spa for oily hair will focus on hydrating the scalp and reducing excessive oiliness. 


4. How to get a hair spa

How to get a hair spa

You can head to the nearest Lakmé salon for hair therapy. It usually takes one to two hours. A concern specific hair spa is a hair treatment, custom-designed for your hair concerns; that involves product application, intense massage, steam and moisturizing. So all you need is to find a salon and invest two hours of your time.


5. FAQs about Hair Spa

FAQs about Hair Spa

1) Is hair spa good for hair?

A. Just like facials and clean-ups bring out the lost glow in your skin, hair spa rejuvenates and nourishes your hair to bring it back to life. It aims at nourishing your scalp and making the roots stronger, therefore, it is highly recommended to a hair spa at least once a month.

2) What does a hair spa do to your hair?

A. A hair spa is an extensive process that involves deep cleansing, massaging, steaming and masking to make hair healthy and shiny. It is a procedure that tackles common hair concerns like dandruff, hair fall, itchiness, damaged hair, etc, while also making it strong and soft.

3) What is the cost of a hair spa?

A. The cost of your hair spa depends on the salon you are visiting as well as the length of your hair. The price may also depend on the duration of the hair spa. However, it is not that expensive and can be done once a month for the sake of your precious tresses.