There are more ways to tackle an unruly mane than just running to the salon and ironing it into pin-straight submission! A simple session of hair smoothing treatment at home will help smooth out frizzy hair and straighten wavy tresses to last a couple of months and improve the texture of a shaggy-looking mane. Hair smoothening is also the more popular salon treatment, favoured over hair straightening due to its promise of lesser damage.  

Hair Smoothening at Home: The Basics  

If you are searching for “hair smoothing treatment near me”, “hair smoothing treatment cost in Delhi”, or “hair smoothing treatment price in India”, first, consider an option to do a treatment at home by yourself. Even though hair smoothening is usually done at the salon, with a little bit of precaution and care, it can be done at home as well, that’s cheaper, and not so complicated at the same time. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it and what precautions to take after, in order to make it last longer!  

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What is Hair Smoothening Treatment at Home?  

Keratin hair smoothing treatment is defined as a chemical process where the hair is saturated in a formaldehyde solution, dried out and then straightened with a flat iron. Smoothing treatment for curly hair or slightly wavy hair introduces lost protein back into your strands to make it stronger and appear shinier. It is comparatively gentler and less permanent than hair straightening. The most popular hair treatment for smooth hair you might come across are Brazilian blowouts and keratin treatments. For the purpose of hair smoothening at home, we will focus on the easier and safer method to work with, the keratin treatment. 

Hair smoothing treatment at home can be done by yourself, if you order the keratin solution for home use, and just follow the steps in the owner’s manual. Don’t try to experiment with the steps of the procedure, or use a professional solution without relevant experience. 

Benefit of Hair Smoothening at Home  

If your mane is looking extra moody lately, a quick hair smoothening session can help you out. Here are some ways it can benefit your hair: 

1. Softness 

Keratin smoothening can make your hair look naturally soft and manageable, add a silky touch to the tresses that are coarse, dry, and unruly.  

2. Strength 

The keratin treatment can infuse new life into dull and limp hair. The additional keratin layer provides protection to your hair, and smooths cuticles.   

3. Easy styling 

Keratin smoothening significantly cuts your need to heat style your hair daily. It tangles less, leading to reduced breakage and split ends. 

4. Shine 

The keratin treatment adds shine to your hair and, with regular care, gives a glossy finish that looks chic. Almost nothing can give your locks that radiance! 

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Step-by-step Guide to Hair Smoothening at Home  

Here are the essentials you need for how to do hair smoothing treatment at home: 

1. Prepare for at home smoothing treatment 

Prep your hair by washing it with a mild formula, gentle shampoo. Do not condition afterwards. Instead of air drying, blow dry your hair to remove all traces of moisture. For best results, part your hair in four sections and dry them individually. 

2. Apply keratin 

With a masking brush, apply the keratin solution to each section of your hair generously. Once done, use a wide-toothed comb to distribute the keratin solution evenly to every hair strand. Leave it on for 25-30 minutes. You can comb through every 10 minutes in order to keep the formula from congealing in certain spots. 

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3. Rinse off 

Rinse off the keratin solution with cold water and blow dry your hair again. Follow this up with a rejuvenating mask, leave it on for 20 minutes with a shower cap on and rinse once done. You can try TRESemme Spa Rejuvenation Hair Mask with marine minerals to hydrate, deeply nourish, and soften your skin. This mask helps to keep your locks shiny, smooth, and frizz-free. 

4. Blow dry 

To lock in all the keratin goodness, blow-dry first and then flat iron your hair (at least 8-10 times) and voilà, your at-home smoothening session is done! 

Precautions to take after hair smoothening at home  

What are the hair smoothing treatment side effects, and how to avoid them? It is often recommended to get a hair smoothening procedure done at the salon in order to avoid any unwanted damage to your mane. But, it can be done at home, granted you avoid these mistakes at all costs: 

  • Do not flat iron on wet hair! Make sure you are blow-drying it properly every single time, leaving no trace of moisture anywhere on your head.  

  • Keep an eye on the heat setting and use a flat iron with adjustable temperatures. Going too hot will burn your hair, sometimes even beyond repair! 

  • Detangle your hair completely before applying the keratin solution. Any knots or tangled tresses will hamper even the application of the formula.  

  • Use heat protectant agents in order to minimise heat damage on your hair. 

Did you know? There are keratin solutions available in the market that do not contain formaldehyde and can be used for sensitive scalps. But, if your choice of keratin product contains formaldehyde, make sure you are doing a patch test before using it. These formulas have been linked with headaches, teary eyes and skin rashes. So it helps to stay safe and limit exposure to the product as much as possible. 

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Mistakes to avoid while hair smoothening at home  

Here are some precautions you need to take after the procedure in order to make sure it lasts longer: 

  1. Wear your hair down for the next three days, do not tie, pin or tuck it in any way.  

  1. Wait up to three days to wash your hair after the procedure. Try to bring down your hair washing frequency as well, alternating between a dry shampoo and a gentle shampoo formulated to repair chemically treated hair. 

  1. Do not oil your smoothened hair for at least 15 days and when you do oil it, just apply it to the ends. Do not apply hair oil on the scalp for at least a month.  

  1. Condition well after every wash and regularly use hair masks to nourish your tresses to maintain the goodness from the smoothening session. 

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TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo with lower sulphate formula and TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner with keratin and argan oil help to prolong the smoothness effect, keep your locks shiny and soft. 

FAQs about Safe Ways to Do Hair Smoothening at Home   

Does a hair smoothening at-home procedure last longer than straightening?  

No, hair smoothening for wavy or frizzy hair lasts from 2 to 5 months, depending on the kind of daily hair care it receives. While salon straightening permanent hair smoothing treatment lasts until new roots come in, at-home procedure is much gentler on your tresses and causes less harm. 

Does hair smoothening cause hair loss?  

While hair smoothening has obvious side effects like heat damage, it can sometimes lead to hair loss. This is due to the thinning of the hair caused by intense flat ironing, which, if not taken care of, can cause breakage.   

Can you apply shampoo after hair smoothening? 

Yes, you can use your normal shampoo after smoothening. Just make sure that it is a sulphate free formula that won’t cause further damage to your tresses and help control hair fall

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