Hair Softening: What Is It?

Written by Anushka ShahOct 10, 2022
Hair Softening: What is it?

Curly and wavy hair girls, we know that surfing the frizzy waves may seem tough and often, like the end of the tunnel. I mean, we’ve all been there thinking, “I’ll just have to iron my hair forever or what better than the annual hair treatment?” However, if you’re relying on excessive heat or a dose of chemicals, in the long run, they’ll actually do more bad than good! So much so, continually pressing your locks between two hot panels can forever change its structure and so can coating your hair with bottles of sulphates and parabens. And of course, we’re not here to scare you but here to enlighten you about the hottest hair softening talk in town. It goes by the name of silk press hair treatment and unlike everything in the market, this process is relatively simple. It brings to you that ultimate movie star look with minimal heat damage and unhindered hair texture. Also (the best part), you won’t have to be a victim of a poker straight mane for you can now enjoy your natural curls and whirls in a softer and more manageable version. What to unveil more? Well, hold tight for we’re about to share with you everything you need to know about this hair softening treatment; silk press hair treatment.

What is silk press hair treatment?

Now that we’ve given you a basic insight into silk press hair treatment, you sure may have a lot of questions. For starters, what is silk press hair? It is a chemical-free hair styling technique for curly, coily and kinky hair types. The treatment involves the use of a blow dryer and flat iron to straighten your hair and give it a silky look. The main concept is to use less heat and to give your strands some movement, body and shiny finish, unlike a weighed down look that other straightening treatments often provide. This treatment suppresses what any other hair softening treatments bring to the market.

To break down the inquisitive tangles you may have in your mind, here’s a step-by-step look into how the process unfolds.


Step 01: Cleanse with a nourishing shampoo

FAQs about Hair Softening / Silk Press Treatment

A little scrub goes a long way.  To begin with the silk press hair treatment, first wash your hair to get rid of dirt, oil and other impurities from the hair and scalp. And to do so with a sulphate-free shampoo with moisturising ingredients that will control frizz, add shine and tame unruly strands. We’re just not talking about any other shampoo, we’re talking about the best in the business, Dove Hair Therapy Breakage Repair Sulphate-Free Shampoo. Giving your locks that kiss of TLC, this shampoo leaves each strand extra-clean! And if you may feel there is some residue grease after the first wash, do not hesitate to apply some shampoo again. After all, a clean scalp is a healthy one, so pour the magical potion and massage it with your fingertips until your head is squeaky clean.

Once done, use a moisturising conditioner to condition and soften your hair for the treatment. Conditioners that contain hydrating oils will keep frizz and dryness under control as well as improve the look and texture. Rinse with cold water for that extra shine.


Step 02: Detangle and apply leave-in conditioner

FAQs about Hair Softening / Silk Press Treatment

We all know that a good wash and conditioning sesh can lead to knots and tangles and the next step is to free your tresses from them. For this, use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb and gently detangle your hair. Do this after you’ve soaked all the excess water with a soft cotton towel – cotton because the fibres make a difference. When your hair is still damp apply some leave-in conditioner on it – so it can bind with moisture and give your locks that supllness it deserves. Remember we are trying to get silk press hair, you will have to add nourishing products to your hair at every step. A leave-in conditioner will coat your strands with moisturising ingredients, thereby controlling frizz and giving it a healthy and shiny finish.


Step 03: Apply heat protectant

FAQs about Hair Softening / Silk Press Treatment

Silk press hair treatment is done using two heat styling tools and your hair will be exposed to heat for a long time. To get silky, straight hair minus the damage, you need to spray some heat protectant on your hair. This will minimise the damage and ensure your strands don’t end up looking weak and drab post-treatment And since you have curly hair, take smaller sections so that ever curl, even the twirling insides are evenly coated with the heat protectant. And viola, that’s how you secure your looks during the hair softening journey.


Step 04: Section and blow dry

FAQs about Hair Softening / Silk Press Treatment

Who doesn’t love a good blow dry? We all do! But understand that drying your hair is not just about letting the warm hair loose on your locks, it includes a bit of strategy! To begin with the blow drying process, first divide your hair into two even sections. Secure the top half with a hair clip, then split the lower part into two more sections, clip that too. Now put on the concentrator nozzle on the mouth of your hairdryer and start drying your hair with the help of a brush. Start at the roots and go all the way to the tips. Unclip each section of hair and repeat this procedure on all sections until your hair is completely dry. By the end of this step you will have somewhat manageable hair to work with.


Step 05: Apply serum and section again

FAQs about Hair Softening / Silk Press Treatment

As mentioned before, the whole idea of a silk press hair treatment is to leave you with silky and shiny mane. For that, you need to add moisture to your hair using different products. After blow-drying your hair, take a frizz-controlling, smoothing hair serum and apply it all over. Once your hair is evenly covered, prep it for the next step by sectioning it again. Start by dividing your hair into two sections, then take the bottom section and split it into two. Here you can’t work with big chunks of hair, so take a small part, say about an inch and work with it. Keep the rest of your hair clipped away. Being mindful and careful of drying your hair will impact your overall hair softening experience, so do it tactfully.

06. Step 06: Silk press hair

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting, it’s time to silk press your hair; where the hair softening initiates. Begin as close to the root as possible. Hold the flat iron on your hair and go all the way towards the ends. Taking small, one-inch sections of hair and flat iron till you get silky straight hair. Make sure to get it right in one or two attempts. Too many passes on one section can cause damage and may also take away the shine. Here’s an important tip to keep in mind. Use a flat iron with titanium plates, they help distribute heat evenly and glide easily on the hair leaving it shiny and smooth.

How to maintain your silk press hair treatment / hair softening

So, now you’ve achieved a gorgeous and silky mane and you’d want to keep it like that for a few days at least. To ensure all the hard work does not go to waste here are a few tips to follow.

01. Tip #1: Protect hair at night

The twisting, turning and friction against the pillow can ruin the best of hairstyles. The best way to maintain your silk press hair at night is to pin-curl it. Divide your hair into small sections and roll each section up until you reach the roots, then secure with a bobby pin. Repeat on all sections until you have a head full of pin curls. Cover your head with a silk scarf, go to sleep and keep your hair softening efforts secured.

02. Tip #2: Avoid heat

You may get tempted to run the flat iron again the next day to put it in shape or make it silkier, but we suggest you don’t do that. Applying heat on already set hair can throw off your mane’s moisture levels and make it look stiff and straw-like. Steer clear of any heat for a few days.

03. Tip #3: Stay away from water

Water is your enemy when you have silk press hair. Stay away from water as well as sweat  of course, sweating is not in your control, but avoid activities that will make you sweat as that returns your strands to its original curly texture. At the end of it, you don’t want your hair softening efforts to be in dumps!

04. Tip #4: Take a break from styling products

Now that you can keep your heat styling tools back in the drawer, you can keep your styling products with them too! Because now, the serum drops and conditioner scoops aren’t going to make your hair more soft and shiny…the hair softening process has done it all! If you load your locks with more products, the only thing it’ll do is weigh your hair down, making it look damp and greasy.


FAQs about Hair Softening / Silk Press Treatment

FAQs about Hair Softening / Silk Press Treatment

Q1 How long does silk press/hair softening last?

A. Usually, if you don’t wash your locks or bring it in contact with water/sweat or any form of moisture ir can last for about two weeks. However, even a drop of moisture will immediately take your locks back to its natural texture.

Q2 How often should I get a silk press?

A. Silk press hair treatment should be done every three to four months to maintain healthy hair as well as retain the length.

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