Best Shampoo For Curly Haired Girls In India

Written by Team BBJan 31, 2023
Best Shampoo for Curly Haired Girls in India

Curly girls need special care for their locks, but what to start with? Of course, first you should begin with finding the best shampoo for curly hair. Proper cleansing is very important step in beauty routine for all types of hair, but for curls, which are prone to dryness and frizz, you definitely need a shampoo that won’t over dry your locks, leave them shiny and healthy. Read on to find the best options for your waves and coils! 

Best Shampoo for Curly Haired Girls: The Basics  

What should you look for in a good shampoo for curly hair?  

  • Stick to gentle cleansing formulas and avoid harsh ingredients — deep cleansing, or volumising shampoos are not the best for curly hair, because they can over dry your strands. 

  • Pay attention to hydrating and nourishing shampoos with oils and moisturising ingredients. 

  • To reduce curly hair frizz, pick up products with smoothing effect, that protect your hair cuticle, and add shine. 

Best Shampoos for Curly Haired Girls  

If you are looking for the best shampoo for curly hair in India, pay attention to the list of BB editor’s picks.

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1. Dove Beautiful Curls Sulphate Free Shampoo

If you want a shampoo that is made keeping curly hair in mind, go for the Dove Beautiful Curls Sulphate Free Shampoo. Sure, some shampoos use parabens and sulphates for that foamy effect that cleanses your hair of grime but that can also be drying which is not what your curls need. Get added moisturising while cleaning your hair with this triple-moisturising shampoo that instead uses glycerine, aloe and shea butter. An added plus is that it even works if you have coloured hair or extremely frizzy curls.

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2. Dove Hair Therapy Dry Scalp Care Sulphate-Free Shampoo

Which shampoo is best for curly hair? Dove Hair Therapy Dry Scalp Care Sulphate-Free Shampoo gives an extra care for textured hair, due to intensive hydration formula with niacinamide, sulphate-free and paraben-free composition. Also, check out the list of chemical-free shampoos.

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3. Love Beauty & Planet Smooth and Serene Shampoo with Argan Oil and Lavender Aroma 

If you want to find the best shampoo for curly and frizzy hair, try Love Beauty & Planet Smooth and Serene Shampoo with Argan Oil and Lavender Aroma. This vegan gentle product with 100% organic coconut oil helps to smooth your curls and calm frizz.  

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4. TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo 

Among TRESemmé shampoos you can find options for different hair types and textures. If you want to choose the best shampoo and conditioner for curly hair, we recommend trying TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and conditioner with argan oil, keratin, and lower sulphate formula to gently cleanse, smooth your hair, and provide shine.

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5. Sunsilk Coconut Water & Aloe Vera Shampoo 

Sunsilk Coconut Water & Aloe Vera Shampoo for bouncy hair is infused with aloe vera and coconut water to keep your curls soft, smooth, and healthy. Its paraben free formula helps to deeply moisturise wavy hair, reduce breakage, and make curly hair styling easier. 

6. Washing curls with conditioner 

Sometimes, for dry curly hair you can reduce the amount of beauty products you use, and just wash your hair with conditioner. Learn more about this technique called co-washing, which is used to gently cleanse, and moisturise your tresses.  

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Benefits of Using Shampoo for Curly Hair  

1. Less breakage 

If you nourish and moisturise your hair well on the stage of cleansing, they become more hydrated, elastic, and strong. All this makes curly hair less prone to breakage, helps to grow it faster and healthier. 

2. Frizz-free 

Dry and porous curly hair easily get frizzy, and accumulate static. In humid weather, curls may become unruly, and fluffy. Best shampoo for frizzy curly hair can solve this issue, make your locks smoother, and shinier. 

3. Define curls 

Starting your curly hair care with a good moisturising shampoo helps to style them in defined, bouncy curls afterwards. If shiny locks are your goal, it’s better to begin with a gentle cleansing to reduce frizz, and add smoothness. 

4. Luminous locks 

Curly hair may look dull if they are not moisturised well, so, do not forget to condition it properly, nourish with masks, and leave in products. But the first step is to find a gentle moisturising shampoo that won’t over dry your locks. 

FAQs about Best Shampoo for Curly Haired Girls   

Can I use dry shampoo for curly hair? 

Dry shampoo isn’t something for oily hair type only. If you want to refresh your roots between washing, you can use this powder product from time to time — it will absorb the excess of sebum without any impact on hair strands, or tips. If you’re looking for the best dry shampoo for curly dark hair, pick up the formulas with very small particles, so they’ll be invisible on your roots. Otherwise, there are special dry shampoos for brunettes with brown powder.  

What is the best shampoo for kids with curly hair? 

For curly children, pick up the special family-friendly shampoos, or shampoos for kids. Their gentle and tearless formulas with soothing ingredients will keep curls soft, clean, and help with easy detangling. 

What shampoo should I use for coloured curly hair? 

Shampoos for dyed hair are mostly based on the principle of gentle cleansing to not wash off your hair colour too fast, make it long lasting, nourish damaged hair after bleaching, and add shine. So, shampoos for dyed hair are fine for curls, too. Check out the list of shampoos for coloured hair in India. Also, discover the best shampoo and conditioner duos for colour treated hair

Now that you found your best shampoo for curly hair, don’t miss the next step, and pick up an effective conditioner for curly haired girls

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