Finally: How To Add Volume To Thin Hair

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Finally: How to add volume to thin hair

Only women who have fine hair know the struggles that come with it. Despite spending hours to add volume to your hair, it ends up falling flat in just a few minutes. Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

But wait, before you accept your fate and decide to live with limp, fine hair for the rest of your life, we’ve got a trick up our sleeve that will add volume to your hair in a tick. Yes, really! All you need is the right blow drying technique to lift those roots and add volume to your tresses.

Here’s a step-by-guide to help you nail voluminous tresses like a pro:


Step 01: Remove the nozzle

Step 03: Put on the nozzle to finish off

Once you’ve stepped out of the shower, take a towel and soak the excess water out of your hair. Apply some heat protectant spray before you get started. To begin, detach the nozzle from the dryer and blow-dry your hair. Concentrate on the roots to lift them up and expand the hair shaft. Continue doing this until your hair is fully dry.


Step 02: Create a zig-zag hair parting

Step 03: Put on the nozzle to finish off

A straight hair parting can enhance the sparsity of your hair and make it look very obvious. The trick is to keep changing your hair parting from time to time. You can create a zig-zag hair parting to make it look fuller. You can do this using a rat tail comb or simply with your fingers to make it look messy and effortless.


Step 03: Put on the nozzle to finish off

Step 03: Put on the nozzle to finish off

Use a volumising mousse or cream to add extra volume to your hair. Start from the tips and move to the top to prevent weighing your hair down. Once you’ve applied the product, put the nozzle back on the drier and hold it over your crown area until your hair is completely dry.

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