One of the easiest, most stunning and effortless looking hairstyles has to be the messy bun. Wear it with a gown, lounge wear, saree or even your casual jeans and tees, the messy bun somehow always fits. The best part about this hairstyle is the sheer number of different ways in which you can recreate it to exactly match the outfit and occasion you intend to wear it for.

If you are wondering about all the different ways in which you can style a messy bun hairstyle, then you have come to the right place. Read on as we take you through 10 different messy bun hairstyles that will totally up your hair game and make you look stunning. Excited? Let’s begin!


1. Top knot

Top knot

Image courtesy: @Launrenconard on Pinterest 

This is perhaps the easiest, no-fuss messy bun hairstyle ever. If you have medium to long hair, then this one should definitely be right up your alley. We love the simple and laid back vibe of this bun. Wear it with a pretty floral dress for a perfect summer look, or go ahead and style it along with that little LBD, you are sure to look gorgeous. We love how the thick, mid-parted, face-framing fringes on the front add a beautiful boho yet feminine vibe to this simple top knot.


2. Sock bun

Sock bun

Image courtesy: @ericaligenza

Sock bun is the perfect hairstyle for girls who want a messy bun, but also want to keep things a little more structured and tidier. The perfect messy bun for those smart formal outfits, this hairdo will instantly make you look well put together. If you want to make this bun look a little more casual, then simply add on a fun headband, or a few hair pins to jazz things up a bit.


3. Boho textured bun

Boho textured bun

Image courtesy: @jodycallanhair

This is another messy bun hairstyle that is an absolute winner according to us. We love the looped, half-undone bun with lots of natural texture and volume on the crown area. The loose, face-framing tendrils, coupled with the laid-back, boho vibe, this messy bun hairstyle is perfect for those days when you don’t want to put in too much effort, but still want to look effortlessly stylish.


4. Fishtail messy bun

Fishtail messy bun

Image courtesy:

Adding little details to your usual hairstyle is the perfect way to break the monotony, and give it an instantly new spin. We love how simple yet uber gorgeous this messy bun hairstyle is. Everything from the tiny fishtail braid, side messy bun to the loose front tendrils look totally amazing. Don’t forget to loosen the bun a little bit to give that super sexy messy look we all love!


5. Romantic messy bun

Romantic messy bun

Image courtesy: @brautstyling_hamburg

If you are looking for a messy bun hairstyle that you can wear with your sarees, gowns or lehengas, then this romantic updo is a perfect choice. This classy, twisted bun with a puffed-up front and those beautiful flyaways adding a lovely romantic touch, make it the perfect hairstyle to wear for an engagement or reception party. By simply adding a dainty hair accessory, you can completely transform the look of this lovely hairstyle.


6. Textured bridal bun

Textured bridal bun

Image courtesy: @brideopedia

If you are a bride-to-be and are looking for unique hairstyle inspirations to wear with your wedding lehenga, then look no further! This heavily textured messy bun hairstyle with twists at the crown area to give it lots more volume and dimension is a good choice. If you have wavy, coloured hair, then you must consider this hairstyle for your big day. We also love how adding a simple gajra has completely transformed the look of this hairstyle, making it totally Indian-bride appropriate!


7. Casual chignon bun

Casual chignon bun

Image courtesy: @stylestudio_____

Chignons are usually considered to be formal hairstyles, but we love this casual, messy take on it. If you are someone who likes to keep your hairstyle neat, but also likes that little bit of texture to prevent your hair from looking flat, then this textured chignon bun hairstyle is absolutely right for you. Perfect to wear when running errands, this hairstyle will definitely elevate your style quotient and how!


8. Half-up, half-down bun

Half-up, half-down bun

Image courtesy: @talmoshko_taltalim

Half-up, half-down hairstyles are our favourite type of buns to wear with most of our casual outfits. They not only help keep flyaways away from your face but also help give your hair a stylish spin. This beautiful half-up, half-down messy bun hairstyle is no different. We love the looped finish of the bun and how it merges beautifully with those big, loose waves.


9. Looped, messy low bun

Looped, messy low bun

Image courtesy: @southernliving on Pinterest

If you are looking for that perfect hairstyle to wear over a weekend brunch or shopping date with your girlfriends, then we’ve got you covered. The textured hair and the looped low bun is such a fuss-free way to elevate your casual outfit and look chic and polished instantly. You could even wear a cute headband to give it a more summer-chic casual look.


Frequently asked questions about messy bun hairstyles

Frequently asked questions about messy bun hairstyles

Q. Are messy buns bad for your hair?

A. Since messy buns involve a lot of pulling and tugging and have no set structure, they could cause some breakage if you are not careful enough. But being extremely gentle, avoiding too much backcombing and avoiding the use of harsh hair elastics, you can totally avoid the risk of breakage caused by a messy bun.

Q. How can you make your bun look thicker?

A. The best way to make your bun look thicker is to first tie your hair in a big scrunchie and then loop the ponytail around it to create some volume. Another way to do this is to either backcomb your hair or add a few hair extensions. This will add volume without it looking artificial.

Main image courtesy: @Latest Hairstyles and @Glaminati on Pinterest