Oh, how we would love to have a hairstylist on our speed dial who’d only take five minutes to turn our hair into a glamorous do every day. Reality check! We can’t do that.

Whether you are heading to work or college or getting ready for a date night or a glamorous event, there always seems to be a time crunch. Maybe picking the dress took the time or you slipped into daydreaming. Whatever the case may be, the result is that before you know it, you have less than ten minutes to do your hair and makeup and like always, you have no choice but wrapping your hair in the same boring hairstyle or letting it loose. Doesn’t it always happen to you?

No matter how many hair inspiration posts you see, like and want to try, girls who are always out and about trying to balance their time between college and sleep or work and home; have little or no time to experiment with their looks and try out new hairstyles. However, you don’t have to try bulky and complicated hairdos to look pretty as a picture.

We have picked out 7 chic yet simple hairstyles for girls who are always on the go. These easy to do hairstyles will take five minutes to do and get you some heads turning...


Vintage twist

Vintage twist hairstyle

This twisted half up half down is an ideal desk to drinks hairstyle. It goes well with both glamorous and casual looks and it flatters all hair types and faces shapes. It is just versatile like that. Whenever you have only a few minutes to spare for your hair and can’t decide on the hairdo, this will be your best bet. It will take you five minutes and four bobby pins to ace this hairstyle.

Start by side parting your hair. Hold a section from the front and twist two-three times. Push the twisted strand close to the head to make it puffy and secure with two bobby pins at the back. Repeat same on the other side. Style the rest of your hair in soft, romantic curls.


Bow benefit

Bow benefit hairstyle

Hair accessories like a scarf of a string can cutesy up any simple hairstyle and add a touch of glam to it. Your usual hairstyle will look hip and oh-so-adorable with a satin or silk ribbon string. This hairstyle will look exceptionally beautiful on short or medium length hair.

Make low ponytail placing it at the nape of your neck like you usually do. Create a small space right above the hair tie using your fingers and flip the ponytail through that hole. Tighten it by pulling the strands of the ponytail so there’s no space anymore above the hair tie. Next, take a thin ribbon string in a contrasting shade to your outfit and tie it around the ponytail in the form of a bow. There, you have a nice and pretty hairdo in five minutes.


Seriously chic knot

Seriously chic knot hairstyle

A messy top knot can never go out of style. This lazy girl hairstyle is perfect for college girls who have neither the time nor the patience to make tricky hairdos on a daily basis. Plus, it is a chic summer hairstyle that keeps your flying hair away from the face.

To pull off this simple hairstyle, start with spraying Toni&Guy Casual: Sea Salt Texturising Spray for some texture and volume in your hair. Now create a centre parting of about 3 inches long. Use your thumb to part hair from the temple and tie half of your hair into a ponytail. Wrap the ponytail around hair tie in a messy way and secure with bobby pins. Push the hair towards the front for a messy look.


Messy french mohawk

Messy french mohawk hairstyle

A sky-high, half ponytail with French braided front? Yes, please! This 90’s pop hairstyle with a Mohawk front may seem a little daunting but is actually very easy to pull off. Wear this do for a fun day out or a date night for a cool and cute look.

To get this hairstyle, comb your hair and part it into three sections with the middle one being bigger than the side ones. Divide the middle part into three sections and French braid till the crown of your head. Tie the French braid up top into a ponytail. Spread the ponytail hair for a messier look. This kickass summer hairdo will keep your hair from flying away and coming on your face. Easy and quirky hairdo in a tick!


Banana bun

Banana bun hairstyle

A bun that’s anything but boring and basic, the banana bun is a fairly new addition in the updo family. It is a relaxed and funky hairstyle that can be done in minutes. This low placed side bun looks as adorable as it sounds. You might think a sophisticated and gorgeous bun hairstyle like this would take real skills to work this, but we are glad to tell you that it is on this list for a reason. You just have to put your wrapping and tucking skills to use to achieve this look.

Divide of hair into three sections at the back and tie the middle section in a ponytail. Wrap the loose section from the side around the ponytail and hold. Now take the wrapped ponytail and start twisting it on the other loose section. Pin the loose ends as you go. Tuck and pin as you’re done wrapping every last bit of ponytail, making it into a long side bun. Finish the look with hairspray.


Sleek braided side parting

Sleek braided side parting hairstyle

Cornrow braids are a sleek and stylish hairstyle that can be worn on any busy day. When in doubt, get braiding one side of your hair to get this edgy, badass look. We love this modern day Rapunzel look and here’s how you can ace the look too.

Create a dramatic side parting and apply hair gel on the smaller side. Once you apply the hair gel or mousse, start braiding the hair very close to the hairline and add hairs strands as you go. Work the braid till the nape of your neck and tie it with a clear elastic band. Next, pin the braid at the back to give it a side swept look. Style your hair wavy or straight and spritz Toni&Guy Finishing Shine Spray for the shiny do and to tame any flyaways.  


Half braid

Half braid hairstyle

On those days when you don’t feel like spending hours on your hair or have no time, just pull your hair into a braided half up half down and ta-da! You have a low-maintenance hairdo that’s chic and graceful.  Half braid is raging in the beauty world and everyone seems to be in love this beautiful braid hairdo. The fact that it is a simple hairstyle that looks incredibly elegant on long hair makes it all the more appealing. So get your hairbrush and hair ties because that’s all you need to get this look.

Divide your hair horizontally at the crown. Pull the upper section into a relaxed ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Now braid the ponytail like you usually do till the end and secure it too. Pull out strands from above the ponytail hair tie to loosen it and tease out the braid strands to make it flatter and messier. Curl the rest of your hair in soft waves to finish the look.

Image courtesy: Pinterest