So, you’ve caught the fringe fever and want to add some sass to your look by getting bangs? Awesome! But what kinda bangs are you gonna get, exactly? Wispy and choppy or blunt and straight? Don’t tell us you’re getting what your BFF got just because she’s been slaying!

Different bangs flatter different face shapes and it’s important to consider what will look good on you before you chop your front locks off. After all, bangs are a big hair commitment and you don’t want to go wrong with it, do you? So, read this to know what type of bangs you should get according to your face shape before you head to the salon.   

picking the right bangs

Round—side bangs

If you have a round jawline and fuller cheeks, opt for side-swept bangs that extend to your cheeks. It will even out the roundness and add an angular length to your face, making it look slimmer. 

picking the right bangs

Long—curtain bangs

Oblong, oval and rectangular face shapes can pull off literally any bangs. However, curtain bangs flatter the long face structure best. If you have high cheekbones and a forehead that’s not too small, go for curtain bangs.

picking the right bangs

Square – Baby bangs

Baby bangs are a no-go look for many and a tough one to pull off. But good news for women who are blessed with a square face shape, you are the only sort that can rock it with aplomb. Get cropped bangs that end right above your brows.

picking the right bangs

Heart - Blunt bangs

The heart face shape has a wide forehead and cheeks while the rest of the face is narrow down to the chin. If you have this face shape, blunt bangs are your best bet. They complement your soft features and elongate the upper part of your face.

picking the right bangs

Diamond - Choppy bangs

Is your chin and forehead of a similar size, while your cheek are broader? You have the rare diamond-shaped face, girl. To add definition to your forehead and chin and make your face look shorter, get wispy, choppy bangs. They will balance your face and highlight your best feature—your cheekbones. 

Image courtesy: Pinterest