How To Use Olive Oil For Hair Benefits

Written by Kinnari AsharSep 30, 2022
How to use Olive Oil for Hair Benefits

Whether you are an Indian native or if you are someone who has a passion for haircare, you will know that there are a great number of oils that are trusted to get your hair to grow longer and get stronger, and it is pretty difficult to keep them all straight in your mind. Maybe you've already tried coconut oil, neem oil, or some herbal mixture that's pungent in nature, but it seems to be working wonders when it comes to bringing your mane back to life. You probably have an exotic olive oil tucked away somewhere in your kitchen that's good for everyone – the good old olive oil. Did you know that there are numerous benefits of using olive oil on your hair? 

 Olive oil is already regarded as a staple in Mediterranean households because of its high antioxidant content, but not everyone knows it has so many beauty benefits as well. From removing makeup to moisturising, it can be used for anything. There can be a lot to say about olive oil, but we're here to talk about how it can literally transform your hair and the different olive oil benefits for hair.  

Haircare and Olive Oil 

olive oil benefits for hair long brown hair

Olive oil is good for your hair because it contains vitamin E and fatty acids. It moisturises your hair, strengthens your roots, and is full of emollients like palmitic acid, oleic acid, and squalene. They're all emollients. It hydrates your strands and reduces frizz, a problem most of us face.  It doesn't feel too greasy, and it washes off easily, so you don't have to worry about 2-3 rounds of shampooing to get it off. Plus, the oil is lightweight on the hair; a little goes a long way, and you don't need much at all. 

Benefits Of Using Olive Oil On Your Hair  

There are a number of common beauty woes that olive oil can help overcome. It serves as an effective hair conditioner and prevents various problems. When you stick to a healthy hair care routine, you automatically solve your other hair care issues as well. These olive oil benefits for hair will have you using this oil all the time. 

1. Makes your hair stronger 

olive oil benefits for hair long brown hair

The antioxidants in olive oil help improve the health of your hair and scalp. Among the benefits of olive oil for hair is its ability to condition it, which means it reduces the chance of drying out. It nourishes and conditions the hair while preventing damage. As a result, the hair is stronger, less prone to split ends, and less prone to breakage. 

2.  It reduces hair breakage  

Besides reducing hair breakage, olive oil also helps maintain voluminous, thick hair and prevents hair thinning and breakage. Furthermore, olive oil helps prevent dryness and breakage by improving texture and complexion. 

3. Restores damaged hair 

Olive oil is rich in vitamins A and E, which aid in repairing and reversing damage caused by heat, chemicals, and over-styling. It also helps to lock in moisture by protecting the protein keratin. 

4. Combats dandruff 

olive oil benefits for hair long brown hair

A dry, irritated scalp leads to dandruff, which eventually flakes out. Olive oil hydrates the scalp and takes care of fungal infections on it, so you don't get dandruff anymore. It is easy to treat dandruff with olive oil, and it can also solve a lot of other hair problems. 

5. Enhances hair growth 

The vitamin E present in olive oil smoothens out your hair and reduces frizz, making it appear thicker and healthier. Vitamin E also benefits your scalp, boosts hair growth, and decreases hair loss

6. Prevents split ends 

olive oil benefits for hair long brown hair

Besides nourishing your hair from the roots to tips, olive oil maintains the hair's elasticity and prevents breakage. It contains omega-6 fatty acids that make your hair stronger overall and improve its texture. 

7. Conditions your hair 

Because of its chemical composition, olive oil is a perfect natural hair moisturizer. In addition to emollients, olive oil contains squalene, another emollient that moisturizes your scalp's skin. The oleic acid in it penetrates easily into hair shafts, restoring moisture to them. 

8. It regulates DHT 

DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, causes excessive hair loss. By blocking this hormone's production, olive oil reduces hair fall by entering your hair follicles. 

9. Soothes your scalp 

The antibacterial and antifungal properties of olive oil make it very soothing for your scalp. It assists in reducing itchiness, combating dryness, fighting dandruff, and unclogging the clogged follicles due to its moisturizing effect. One of the biggest causes of hair loss is clogged follicles and dandruff. If one wants to prevent hair loss, it must be addressed with olive oil. 

FAQs on Olive Oil for Hair 

Which olive oil is right for my hair? 

Make sure you buy a fresh product, so keep an eye out for the expiration date. Look for a pure product that is free of additives. Olive oil is the only thing you need, so check the ingredients. Fortified oils are not needed, so avoid them. It is best to use cold-pressed olive oil, if possible, as it retains more nutrients during extraction. 

Does extra virgin olive oil benefit the scalp? 

Extra virgin oil may be a good oil for your scalp due to its balanced fatty acid composition and high nutritional value. It may hydrate the hair and increase circulation in the scalp. 

Can olive oil be left on your hair for a long time? 

The consistency of olive oil is very thick. It can cause acne and make your hair greasy and sticky, so it should not be kept for a long time. It is recommended that you leave the oil on your hair for 30-45 minutes if it is severely damaged or rough. If not, 15-20 minutes will suffice. 

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