Festivities are on in full swing and who has the time to create elaborate hairstyles, right? Thankfully, our hair ninja Shalini Samuel has got your 3 easy but totally chic hairstyles that will work for long, medium and short hair for any traditional function. Try them out to take your hair game up a notch.

1. Twisted Waterfall Hairstyle

- Start by taking a middle parting.

- Then take a two-inch section on the side.

- Divide that in the centre.

- Now take the lower section over the upper section. And repeat this twice.

- Drop the lower section and take a little bit of the hair right next to it. Take it over the top section.

- Repeat the drop, pick and twist method all the way to the back and secure it with bobby pins.

- Do the same on the other side.

- Once you're done, set it with a hairspray to secure it in place.

- Finish off with hair accessories to glam up the look.

2. One-sided French braid

-  Start by taking an off-centre parting on one side.

- Take a 2-inch section and split that into three halves.

- Do a three-strand braid, where the right goes over the middle and then the left goes over the middle.

- Now take the section from the top and add it in the middle section and braid normally.

- Repeat the same process till the back and secure it with bobby pins.

- Backcomb the front section of the hair to add some volume.

-  Use some hairspray to keep your hair in place.

- Add some hair accessories to give it a traditional touch.

3. Messy wrapped bun

- Begin by taking a middle parting.

- Take a 2-inch section on both sides.

- Now take the rest into a lower ponytail.

- Twist the ponytail and wrap that into a bun.

- Take some U-pins and secure it from all sides.

- It’s absolutely okay if it's left a little messy.

- Now take the front section, twist it and secure it right at the back.

- Repeat the same on the other side.

- Finish this look by adding some hair accessories right above the bun.