5 Hair Colour Mistakes Your Hairstylist Wants You To Stop Making

Written by Dayle PereiraOct 10, 2018
5 hair colour mistakes your hairstylist wants you to stop making
When we want to revamp our look, we update our wardrobe, swipe on a new lipstick or get a new shade of hair colour. Since salons have made hair colour increasingly accessible, it’s not surprising to see both, women and men flaunting vibrant hair dyes in every shade on the colour wheel. However, to get gorgeously coloured tresses, you’ve got to take a few extra measure. We spoke to TIGI Educator Audrey D’Souza to help us identify and correct the most common hair colour mistakes so that beautifully coloured hair will never be out of reach.

Not thinking hair colour through

Choosing the wrong products

As much as you may like to think, hair colour isn’t just about picking shade from a swatch card. There’s a lot more to consider, which is why Audrey says a hair consultation is an excellent starting point. “A consultation analyses one’s history, lifestyle, working schedule and takes into consideration one’s skin tone, hair porosity and density to best determine the right hair colour.” When the wrong hair colour is selected, it can make one’s hair look artificial and frizzy so make sure you consult your salon before your next colour job.

Skipping the styling

Effortless hair is great in concept but not in reality because all hair needs a little styling to look just right. No, that doesn’t mean hours and hours of heaters, curlers and tongs. “For coloured hair care, trust a good base product like leave-in conditioner, a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner as well as a finishing product like a shine spray”, recommends Audrey. Over time, hair accommodates styling and especially for colour to show fully, it’s a necessity.


Blindly following wacky trends

Choosing the wrong products

The internet may turn up a wild hair colour trend that’s going viral but that doesn’t mean you need to make it your own. While the final shade may look great in the salon, it probably won’t appear the same in a month. “Within 5 – 10 washes, such hair colour begins to fade and damage begins to show,” says Audrey. Since going back to the salon that often isn’t time and cost effective, think really hard the next time you want to try a wacky hair colour.


Choosing the wrong products

Choosing the wrong products

If you want your hair colour to last long without fading and brassiness, the right products are needed. While Audrey has specified the types of products required, she reiterates the importance of the right shampoo and conditioner, “The right colour protecting shampoo and conditioner help maintain tonal vibrancy of the colour and prevent it from fading.” For dark colours one can opt for the TIGI Colour Goddess Shampoo and Conditioner, whose oil-infused formula battles fading and dryness. For lighter ones, choose the TIGI Dumb Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner to nourish bleached hair and battle breakage.

Avoiding post-hair colour touch-ups

It’s shattering to see a good hair colour job fading. To keep your coloured hair looking groomed, checking into a salon for a touch-up is necessary. “Root colouring needs monthly touch-ups as fading occurs between 25 – 30 days,” says Audrey. “For highlights and global colour,” she continues, “fading begins in 3 months so you can afford to retouch your hair colour in 6 months.” A salon knows exactly what your hair requires, so instead of trying to replicate it at home, head there for your next touch-up.

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