8 Coachella Hair And Makeup Looks We Love

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 22, 2018
Every time we feel like we have enough makeup and hair inspo, Coachella proves us wrong with its arrival. This year, Coachella took the beauty game to a whole new level—there were space buns, black lips and oodles of glitter on skin. After all, what’s a music fest without some brazen beauty trends, right? Want proof? Here’s a roundup of the hair and makeup looks that stood out for us...

Dual-toned braids

Eyebrow gems

Dual toned multi-braids were all over Coachella this year. But when Victoria Secret model Josephine Skriver flaunts them, it means this trend is here to stay!

Image credit: Glamour


Black lips

Eyebrow gems

We’ve been siding with dark lips lately. But black lips? Perhaps not so much. But when it’s Coachella, everything’s legit, right?

Image credit: britcdn


Cotton candy bobs

Eyebrow gems

Coachella is the land of bizarre beauty trends. Case in point—this cotton candy bob wig that totally had us cheering in excitement. Oh, and can we please give it up for the severe glitter under eyes, please? Totally hiding our dark circles this way!


Red rage

Eyebrow gems

Want to grab attention at a music fest? Get gutsy with red hued multiple braids. Ain’t no one looking away from you!


Starry skin

Eyebrow gems

Remember how Dior gave us stars under eyes? Coachella is the perfect place to flaunt them! Just dewy skin and starry makeup—what’s not to love!


Glitter roots

Eyebrow gems

Glitter hair was a given at Coachella considering it has been racing the trend charts for a while now. Cute buns topped with glitter roots—now that’s how you make a beauty statement!


Multiple space buns

Eyebrow gems

Of course, we were going to see multiple space buns at Coachella and this look was just too cool to resist. Let’s not miss the fancy headband that’s accessorising the look.


Eyebrow gems

Eyebrow gems

When there’s a music fest, there’s got to be eyebrow gems and rhinestones. Only place you can walk into like this looking like a boss!

Image credit: styleyetu

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