There’s no doubt in our minds that Indian girls, after investing so much time and energy into their hair, love to let it down. Their lush tresses fill them with pride and that’s why they love to make it the center of their look. However, leaving the hair down can get mundane. So what’s the best option to uplift the hairdo without the fear of damage? Why, with a braided hairstyle, of course!

Treat your tresses right

For the first step, gift your hair care routine the magic of the Sunsilk Lusciously Thick and Long Shampoo and Conditioner. With its Keratin Yoghurt complex, it gives the tresses fullness, which is every Indian girl’s dream. Once your hair is ready, you can try one of these braid hairstyles for long hair to look fantastic!

Crown braid

Braided updo's are never boring and the crown braid is proof of that. It is created using a braid plaited across the top of your head. Surprisingly, it doesn’t take that long to put together and looks great on Western as well as traditional attire.

Messy side braidr

Worried that a braid might be too meticulous to handle? Not the messy side braid, ladies! Over a bed of teased, voluminous hair, the messy side braid looks glam and yet not too OTT, making it a great choice for any formal do.

Braided ballerina bun

Looking for an elegant braid to complement your look? Then the braided ballerina bun, it is! Constituted of a ballerina bun with a braid coiled around it, it makes for a feminine, demure style. Wonderful for those brunch dates with your BFFs.

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