How To Do A Mohawk Braid Top Knot Hairstyle

Written by Dayle PereiraOct 08, 2018
How to do a Mohawk braid top knot hairstyle
Braids and curls have had their time in the spotlight. So what happens when we need a new do to go with our slightly edgy ensemble? We turn to the brand new braided Mohawk hairstyle! This snazzy style combines the power of a stylish braid with a cool half knot to create a hairdo that’s chic, effortless and simple. So here’s how you do it.

mohawk braid top knot hairstyle

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Step 1

mohawk braid top knot hairstyle

Isolate the crown section from the rest of your hair by separating it and clipping it up. Leave the rest of your hair loose.


Step 2

mohawk braid top knot hairstyle

From your hairline, begin creating a dutch braid backwards within the clipped section of hair until you have reached the end of the crown area.


Step 3

mohawk braid top knot hairstyle

Collect the remaining hair at the end of the crown, smoothen it out within your hands and tie it into a top knot.


Step 4

mohawk braid top knot hairstyle

Use a pair of curling tongs to curl 1 inch sections of your hair from the lower layers into loose curls. Continue to do so until the entire lower layer of hair has been curled and then loosen the curls with your fingers for them to look wavy and effortless.

mohawk braid top knot hairstyle

And there’s you have it – a Mohawk braid top knot. Never again will you have to worry about a hairstyle that matches you edgy with the fabulous ‘do!

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